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PREGNANT CHICKEN - Facebook Giveaway

Pregnant Chicken Give-Away

Connect with Amy Morrison's Pregnant Chicken Facebook page here.

Amy Morrison is the broad behind the bird. On April 20, 2016 she posted on her Facebook account about a Mommee Coffee giveaway. Currently, her Facebook page has 119,270 followers. We are ecstatic to be a part of the Pregnant Chicken community.


GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment or tag someone below and you could win a Mommee Coffee Variety Pack to try it for yourself!

Mommee Coffee makes a range caffeination levels (decaf, quarter caf, half caf, and full caf) so that moms can tailor their caffeine consumption to meet their individual needs.

They are certified Organic and their coffee is decaffeinated without the use of harmful chemicals.

Plus, their roaster uses a proprietary roasting process that results in a low acid coffee that retains all its flavor. Low acid is gentler on tummies and bones.

(Open to the U.S. and Canada) I'll draw a winner end of day Thursday (April 21st).


230 Likes, 341 Comments

Kathrina Reyes This new mommy zombie (mombie?) could *definitely* use a little quarter caf boost! Well, let's be honest - I could use an IV coffee drip at this point, but I don't want to give my son any reason to sleep less than he already does!! ?☕️
UnlikeReply5April 20 at 9:09pm
Pregnant Chicken Congratulations Kathrina! You are the lucky winner! Please email me at kelly@pregnantchicken.com and we'll ensure your prize gets out to you! Enjoy!!
UnlikeReply2April 21 at 8:37pm
Sarah Ostrowski Simmons Me!!! I love my coffee but not the stomachache I now get with it post pregnancy frown emoticon .... Erica you probably love coffee as much if not more than me wink emoticon
Ashley Pearce I would love caffeine options! I just started drinking half-caff this week at work and am so not ready to go back to full strength.
Elena Lanteigne I would love a reduced caf cup of coffee that tastes good. Beats brewing weak watery coffee that I have been drinking for months ?
Kristi Zoe Corcoran I have been mixing my own blends of caffeinated coffee and decaf depending on how well the baby slept that night lol. Today is definitely a half caf kind of day! I am breastfeeding so the strongest I go is half caf so I can have more than one cup! I absolutely hate the decaf imaging process most roasters use, I am glad to see a company cares about us mommas!!!
UnlikeReply2April 21 at 8:37am
Jen Simpson Sounds delicious! I haven't been able to give up my coffee during this pregnancy. Some days I need more caffeine than others. sounds like this is a brilliant concept!!
Jessica Robinson Oh I'd love to try low-acid coffee! I had to quit coffee with my last daughter because it made her spit up. I couldn't breast feed & do coffee. I'm due in 3 weeks & would love to try it!
Anna Van Der Ploeg I would love this! Hate only having one coffee a day while breastfeeding! Lower caffeine would hit the spot ?
UnlikeReply2April 21 at 10:10amEdited
Victoria Halfacre Amanda Searby! You should tag me because I really miss coffee and decaf tastes like a rubber tire, I'd love to see if this tastes any better.
Tara Forman Oh my one cup a day still keeps my migraines away! I'd much rather indulge in coffee (especially this coffee) than ever take meds!
Courtney Blake Cool! As a new mom (again), this is something I would definitely use! Trying to cut back on the caffeine, but still need my coffee sometimes.
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:51pm
Bridget Rangel I love that there is a variety in caffeinated coffee
Jenni Boyung Kempfer Yea!!! Decaf without the chemicals! So far, I've only found one other brand that does that. I know they say we can have a little caffeine, but with breastfeeding, I really try not to have any. I love coffee and would live to try this!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 9:49am
Julie Sealy This is great!!! I was just thinking I need to mix some regular and decaf so I can drink more without all that caffeine! Thanks for the chance. Check it out Lori Andrews Walton
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 9:42am
Hell Thrash My 4pm coffee has replaced my morning coffee, and it's a great boost halfway through my day!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:53pm
Jessica Carr What an awesome idea!! I love coffee and avoid it due to breastfeeding!!! This is a great way to try coffee with lower levels of caffeine garnered towards moms!
Katie Culotta Ah this is genius! My newborn can't handle when I drink coffee-so decafe it is. It would be great to slowly reintroduce her to caffeine when she gets older
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 7:57am
Jillian Gordon Paradise I would love to try this coffee!!
Cindy Meza I want some....love coffee.....
Plus you can drink it guilt free.
Kim Dixon What a fantastic idea!!! We have a 8 week old, 2 year old and 4 year old. Definitely could use this coffee!!! This is perfect for us nursing Moms, sometimes you just need a little pick me up cup of Joe, sometimes you need coffee on an IV! Great idea!!! ???☕️
Kourtney Thrasher Coffee (even just my one cup in the morning) is giving my newborn the WORST reflux. I can deal with no sleep and a little coffee to keep up with an extremely energetic 2 year old, but up all night with a newborn and NO coffee? ??
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 1:55pm
Liz Clinkscales This is just what I need. I love coffee and cut back significantly when I became pregnant. Now that I'm breastfeeding I would like to keep that up but desperately miss that 2pm cup. Decaf or quarter caf would be amazing!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 9:29am
Bryana Kitlarchuk Mmm, this sounds delicious! I'd love to try it, coffee is an essential part of my morning ?
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:54pm
Jen Brazeau This would be perfect! Full caff for when my toddler wakes up the entire house at 6:30am, and half caff for a boost at 10 that wont effect nursing my 4 month old. Love your concept!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 4:02pmEdited
Christine Devaney Towsley How awesome that you can choose the level of caffeine based on the kind of day you're having! #mommywin
Brittany Whalen Yes please! 
What mom doesn't need coffee or a pick me up? 
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:12pm
Tesla Beard I'm 16 weeks pregnant, I work 32 hours a week and have 20 month old. Needless to say I'm having a tough time cutting back on caffeine. I would love to try this!
Wendy Hernandez I will love to try these coffee on IG I was looking that a lot of nursing and pregnant moms are use it ????
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 2:12pm
Amanda Grable This is so awesome. I had to hunt for half caff coffee when I was pregnant and even that amount a few times a week made my husband leery.
Monica Marie Flores OMG! I totally NEED this! I'm a first time & breastfeeding mom and also a special education teacher. Our state mandated test are coming up and this would be AMAZING ??
Afton Blakely Just reading the description made me crave a cup of coffee! ☕️Kayla Steffens
Chelsea Gray Oh I would love to try this!!! Would be great to have more options then full caf and decaf when I still need caffeine just not as much.
Lesley Gambill Devin Gambill yes!! I love coffee...I'm going to rely on it soon- but still want to love how it tastes- need to give this a try!!
Lindsay Clark would absolutely love to try this, i have a 1 year old & will have a newborn in july.. sleep deprivations will hit a new level.
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:50pm
Beth Taylor Weyand The pre-blended coffee is brilliant! Takes the chance to add a little more caff each day out of temptation.
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:28pm
Michelle Vaggione Scott In my third trimester! So looking forward to a good cup of coffee again!!
Lily To Sounds and looks great! Still love the coffee heart emoticon
Melissa Elliott This is great!! Caffeines caused a lot of BH contractions in my pregnancy, but oh how I miss a little kick!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 1:43am
Chelsey Jacobs OOOOOH I would love to try this coffee!
Tracey Bohres I love that they have a decaf one! Caffeine gives me migraines frown emoticon
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 4:57am
Jayme Heath I would love to try a new coffee! My baby still doesn't want to sleep all night! Coffee is my morning go to!
Bonnie Dunstall This mommee coffee looks amazing! I would love to try it out. Mama needs her coffee!
Dana Wolfenberg Coffee... It does a mommy good! Would love to try this!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:30pm
Elizabeth Cascio I now crave the taste of coffee. Was always more of a tea drinker
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 8:57am
Stacy Adam Callan, this may be the solution to all our momma/coffee woes. ?
LikeReply2April 21 at 7:39pm
Elisa Watson Very cool!! Hoping to try it with my coffee loving mommy friends!
LikeReply1April 21 at 7:39pm
Lynette Oberly Definitely fueled by caffeine!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:27pm
Denise Bier Becka look caffeine options! Just what we need ?
Josephine Parsons Jillian Shaferly pick your caffeine level ?
Elizabeth Usry Delirod This is awesome! I had such a hard time finding decaf that wasn't decaffeinated with a bunch of junk.
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:03pm
April Brownson This is genius!  Amber-leigh Magdalene Trotter pregnant chicken may have just found a way to save your sanity durring pregnancy!
Carly Moore Love this! ....cause I couldn't imagine giving up coffee as a mommy!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 8:50am
Jenna Remack I miss my coffee so much, I switched to half caff but it gave me a bad stomachache
Erica Alvarez Sarah Ostrowski Simmons sounds good! (Hopefully your body let's you enjoy coffee again soon.)
Erin Follmer Love being a mommy! Love coffee! Count me in
Carly Laird I love mommee coffee!
Ashlee Zboch ? coffee! Maybe a little too much ?
Amy Sanders Need a double caffeine for special needs parents. wink emoticon
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:43pm
Casey Moroso Baby number two any second!!! Caffeine has been a life saver some days this time around!
Manuela Spyrka Id love to try this. Where can you buy it in Canada - specifically Calgary?
Cassandra Charles Wahoo!! I'm nursing and can't have caffeine but miss coffee soooooo much
Amber-leigh Magdalene Trotter OMG April Brownson! I frickin' need this for sure! =-D
Anna Marie-Lee Jess Sucha, this could work for you!
LikeReply1April 21 at 8:39pm
Burgundy Simons Leashia Fraser Ursida, since you love coffee as much as I do lol
UnlikeReply2April 20 at 9:32pm
Morgan Rosendal Danie Lawrence haha is there double caff? Lol
UnlikeReply2April 20 at 9:34pm
Caroline Souza Rudolph Love coffee. I've been secretly making half caff at home. ?
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:40pm
Nicole Nishimura Would love. I missed coffee
Alida Paige Siebken I would love to try this coffee! smile emoticon
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:31pm
Sarah Jersey YUMMY!! Me, Me... I need coffee!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:08pm
Sarah Medsger Mmmmm....coffee.....
UnlikeReply2April 20 at 8:58pm
Aimee Helene Need more coffee.... Please
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:36pm
Ines Kobic Bogdanovski Me! I absolutely love my coffee!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 2:21am
Caitlin Christie heart emoticon coffee! This would be great!
Blair Elizabeth Charlebois Coffee = mommy fuel! Gimme!
Vivianna Adams This is a necessity & my only vice!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:05pm
Kelena Ramirez-Avila Where is your products located at?
Emily Holloway This would be much appreciated in my life smile emoticon please and THANK YOU!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:41pm
Lydia Long This would be fun to try!!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 8:30am
Allison Walsh Would love to win! I'm up to 3 cups a day!
Renee Marinchek thanks for the chance!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:19pm
Kentrina Jenkins The packaging is adorable!!!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 4:00pm
Stephanie Jackson i'm expecting number 4...coffee is a necessity lol
Erin Zartmann LaMaster I just bought my first bag and I'm in love!! So excited to be able to drink coffee again
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 8:19am
Leslie Van Damme This is awesome! I would love to try the decaf.
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:59pm
Erin DiNardo Also, Jim DiNardo, this may make a good Mother's Day gift ?
Hayley Watts I would love to try that.
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 1:57am
Shaunacey Bonneville Amazing, wish I had known this existed when I was pregnant!!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 6:50pm
Nibia Canovi hey guys im pregnt and i love my coffee infact i crave coffee wat are the effects wen baby is born
Lena Belle Merrell Still trying to master how to order 1/2 calf americano and not feel like a tool...
Julie White Oooh! Love it! I teach prenatal yoga and know a lot of mamas I could share this with!! ❤️
Christina Golden I agree! Teresa and I need this now that our little ones growing so fast - 1 month already!! ?
Katie Finch Jana Poulin thought of you!! Win this and you can become a coffee lover like me!
UnlikeReply2April 20 at 9:46pm
Rebecca Marie Hamilton This sounds amazing!!! I love my cup in the morning!
Sarah Sharpe What an amazing idea. How to get through the mid afternoon slump Beth Wallace
Sara Sheldon Wortman I'd love to give this a try!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:32pm
Meg An I would love to try this!!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:52pm
Anne Kramps This is such a great idea. Now all I need is 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 percentage beers and I'm all set!
Dannie O'Connor Does it come in IV bags?? smile emoticon #1 just turned 1 and #2 is halfway done cooking!!:)
Megan Krat How fun! This looks yummy, mom's totally deserve special coffee!
Bobbie Maker Oh man! Yes please! I'm done to 1 cup a day, but if I had half calf... I could have 2 cups a day! #Winner
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 4:10am
Daniela Cross Would love to try this!!
Katy A'von I think we could both use this! ? Paige
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:33pm
Erin Sheehy Garcia Love this idea!! About to be mom to 2 under 2... I need my coffee!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:31pm
Jamie Beyersdorfer Pritchard I would love the quarter caff!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 8:09am
Asruh-Tue Warner These sound awesome. I mean might have to try them even if I don't win. Marisa Warner
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 1:21am
Beth Wallace This is fantastic. You're right Sarah Sharpe it's just what I need!
Sue Roth This would be a morning saver around our house.
Sydney Jacobson With three under three, this would be a godsend right now.
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:08pm
Tiffany Semple Muoio This sounds awesome!!!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:04pm
Karina Gushue This is perfect for me!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:52pm
Kari CZ These look awesome. I'm a coffee fanatic! Select me wink emoticon
Betsy Argintar This is delicious coffee! Such a great product!
Lori Andrews Walton Wow this is awesome. All of the choices and the freedom to drink coffee. Julie Sealy
Bridget Querns Thank you for the great giveaway!
Brittany Arthur Coffee is my favorite drink. Ever. It's the first thing I requested after giving birth!
Candice Ehret Last two pregnancies I couldn't handle coffee, maybe this next one will be different.
Becca Chartrand I don't drink coffee often, but I'd try it!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:33pm
Brenda Vienneau Ooooh would love to try this!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:57pm
Claire Thomas This is Awesomeeeee!!!! I'd love to test it
Auna Conrad Love the quarter caff idea!!
Angela Graf Attanasio Mmmm, I'll take a somewhere between "JAVA JAVA JAVA JAVA JAVA ?!!" And "?"
Amy Alexander This would be perfect for me!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:05pm
Kate O'Brien I have my own formula for this but pre-made would be nice.
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 7:15am
Christine Wellington Would love to try this!
Sarah Marie Skahen This sounds awesome. Would love to win!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 1:39pm
Jillian Kennedy Love! Didn't know they made such a thing! So cool ?
Andrea Warford I'll take all the coffee I can get these days!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 6:50am
Christine Dault Crocker Really like the organic idea.
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 6:40am
Sarah Lohsen I love the partial caf options!
Sheila Lang This is awesome! Especially for breastfeeding
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:48pm
Lindsey Chorney I love it! A coffee for every level of need, throughout the day!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 7:55am
Brandyn Bishop Thornhill This coffee-addict mama could really use this! ☺️☕️?
Emily Starr I would love to try this
Nikki DeJager This sounds awesome! Right Marie?!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:01pm
Kimberly Kowalczyk Would love to give it a try!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:47pm
Molly Pollock I had no idea this existed. What a great idea!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:46pm
Leah Carmen So cool!!! I drink way too much coffee. This would be awesome
Brittany Sedlacek I'd love to try this!!
Katie McLean This sounds really cool! I'd love to try some! Loooooove my coffee!
Heather Ann Half caf sounds like a great idea!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:00pm
Candice Brown Rhonda Riley 
I need to remember this brand for my next one!
Tiff Eiffaham Kimberley Root I know how much you love your coffee, like I do smile emoticon Lets win this thing! Haha
Rhonda Riley Candice Brown I need this stuff to get me through the days lol
LikeReply1April 21 at 11:05am
Mandy Blake This sounds pretty cool, id love to try it
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:56pm
Wendy Solonick Taren Sturko, when are you inviting me for coffee?
Colette Barss Great idea! Check it out Mercedes!
Amberleah Holmberg Liked and shared with Desiree Cockroft. Thanks for the great contest!
LikeReply1April 21 at 10:38am
Kimberley Root Samantha Alexis !!!! Perfect for an IV drip of coffee wink emoticon
Erin DiNardo Jim DiNardo all the coffee, all the time
Violet Smith liked and shared Saricella Tattz, you should enter today
Hilary Smith This is a great idea! Robyn Denise check this out
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:04pm
Robyn Denise Ooh! This is a great idea! Check this out, Melissa Elliott
Sarah Nuno Sandra Lizeth Garcia You will need this when you have your baby boy!☕️☕️☕️
Jillian Shaferly Josephine Parsons i wonder if they have double caf for you! ?
Amanda Grable Courtney N Gabriel For our coffee addiction ?
Katherine Goode Would love to win this! Daryl Anderson
Sara Sheldon Wortman Amber Reynolds have you heard of this?!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:32pm
Laura Royal Stitzer This would be great for us! Amanda Driggers
Sarah Kim This is so cool! I would definitely use this!
Jill Freeto What a great idea! Have been finagling coffee brews. This takes out all the guess work.
Kendra Metcalf Yummmmm, coffee. Need it with a 2 week old.
Brooke McCaslin Flaura Coren George who knew such a thing existed!
Teresa Dellinger Would love to share a cup with Christina Golden
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:17pm
Rebecca Hanlon Yum!!! DreyandInna Prigodin you might like this smile emoticon
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Bec Jai Mel Carlon this is a good idea
UnlikeReply2April 21 at 1:11am
Paizley Longino Kaitlyn Cahill coffee goodies!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:15pm
Caitlin Boutin me please!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:54pm
Angela Mueller I would love this.
Amanda Hollen That's brilliant.
Cassie Kaufman Sounds good to this momma/mommee!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:23pm
Katie Tamblingson I would love this!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:56pm
Briana Serrato I'd love to try!
Cara Passman Kaiserman What an awesome idea!!
Chelsea Schoaff Mmm... things I need. The list just keeps on growing!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:31pm
Angela Johnson Pierce Omg I miss my coffee!!
Michelle Ducharme Would love to try
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:55pm
Jaime Smith Yes!!! This is awesome!!!!
Marlo Loyola Ines This is amazing! Yay!!! I'd love to try some!
Mariott Sanchez Omar !!! buy me this!!!!!
Mandy Albright Whoa baby!!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:40pm
Ruthie Wilson Yes, please!!!
Jaime Bacon NEED!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:53pm
Chelsea Kaminski Ooh I want to try!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:35pm
Sarah Carter This is sooo nice! Kudos to this company! ?
Megan Wismer I'd love to try this!
Kelly Stout Looks awesome! ☕️
Charmaine Coco Anderson Would love to try
Katie Duke Good idea!
Casey Busha Yummy! This is amazing!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:03pm
Deborah Bimson Foster I want allllll the coffees ?
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:02pm
Chandler Ackerman Yum! I'm still a mommy zombie..
Sara Quanstrom Would love to taste!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:12pm
Haley Loretta Awesome!! This sounds amazing! ?
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:55pm
Alice Hinchliffe I would love this!! ?
Sarah Steele Cool!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:28pm
Whitney Fogel Awesome! Yes please ☕️❤️
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:55pm
Jill de Strake Would be great to try!
Linnie Shafer Love coffee!!
Kristin Tucker Yes, please!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:25pm
Angel Alumbaugh Ooh yummy!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:02pm
Melanie Robinson Ahhhh! Sounds beautiful!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:55pm
Kim Forest-Hauser That's awesome!
Jessica L Dembinski Yes please!!!
Keri English Love this idea!
Megan Vanderslice Love this! Dying to try!!! ☕️
Ashley Green Cook Full caf for me, please ?
Robin Robin Please!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:56pm
Breanna Nichole Thanks for thinking of me Natalie Miranda ?
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:46pm
Tessa Molter Yes, please!
Hayley Chisholm YES PLEASE!!!!!!
Ashley Meneice Like to try it!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:10pm
Kelli Wiltsie Brilliant!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:43pm
Kristen Nicholson That's awesome!!!
Liz Lethbridge Sounds nice!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:32pm
Cassie Jo Cunning Ummm yes please!!!
UnlikeReply1April 21 at 3:07pm
Priscilla Hruby I need this!!
Dana Coates I'd love to try this ?
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:57pm
Lauren Riddle Diedrick Lindsey Gregus I need some of this!!
LikeReply1April 21 at 9:39am
Lyndsey Alicia Yum coffee ??
Angela Bulbeck Coffee is always welcome... Kris Bulbeck
Grace Engle Delp That is beautiful!!!
Cindy Kong Wow. This sounds amazing! Gigi Leung
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:59pm
Anna-Maria Martineau I would love to try this!!.. good luck everyone!
Krysta Sharlynne Neal I need this in my life
Brentnie Decker Tracy James heres me some coffee!!!
UnlikeReply2April 21 at 1:13am
Kristyn Waterman I WANT!!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:00pm
Corey Wright Yesssssss!!!!!!!!
Gillian Moynihan I'd love to try this!
Aly Mejia Definitely need this!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:04pm
Raquel Friesen Yes! Coffee all day everyday!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:24pm
Eva Jarzyna Would love this!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:03pm
Christine Giesbrecht This sounds amazing!
April Scharfenberg Oh I need this!!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:52pm
Chelsea Yznaga Mmm yes please!
Sarah Gentry Moore Brilliant!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 8:52pm
Crystal Harris Awesome!
UnlikeReply1April 20 at 9:50pm
Laura Fry I love good coffee Joanne Myles
Jennifer Hart P.S. I didn't even realize this was a contest when I tagged you guys. I'm just really interested in it!
LikeReply1April 21 at 6:51pm
Stacy Adam This looks cool! I could definitely use the half calf for my afternoon fix!
LikeReply1April 21 at 7:38pm
Elisa Watson Very cool!!!
LikeReply1April 21 at 7:39pm
Mommee Coffee
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