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REBATES ZONE - Gift For Your Mother - Gift Guide

Rebates Zone - Gift For Your Mother - Gift Guide

On April 28, 2016 Rebates Zone featured Mommee Coffee's Gentle Variety Pack here.

Rebate Zone's mission is to provide working coupon codes to their users. They test and verify coupon codes on daily basis. For their Mother's Day Gift Guide they stated "we understand that not all people are eloquent when it comes to expressing emotions, so a nice simple gift can express a lot where flowery words are meaningless. We have collected some of the best priced gifts from around the internet and compiled them in the form of a list, just for you." Their list highlighted the benefits of Mommee Coffee's Gentle Variety Pack!


Gentle Spectrum Variety Pack Mommee Coffee

Coffee is the material which fuels our daily busy life. But, unfortunately while it is okay for most people, it is better to lower the consumption when expecting. The recent studies in this case point towards increased risk of miscarriage on high consumptions of caffeine. But, giving up coffee can be difficult. That is why this Gentle Variety Pack with low acid coffee is one of the best solutions out there, if you cannot stay without coffee, but do not want to put the pregnancy at risk. It has both quarter Caf and Decaf bags of coffee to slowly take away the caffeine from your routine. Needless to say, it would make a perfect gift to expecting mothers.

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