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  • LITTLE COFFEE PLACE - Best Low Acid Coffee Brands for Coffee Connoisseurs
  • Michael Hibbs
    Michael Hibbs
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LITTLE COFFEE PLACE - Best Low Acid Coffee Brands for Coffee Connoisseurs

Little Coffee Place

Coffee is the modern nectar of the Gods. Millions of people flip the switch each morning to brew their favorite bold beverage that helps kick start their day.

But did you know that regular coffee may be eating away at your teeth and stomach lining? That's right; you heard us correctly.

Coffee has acid, combined with the natural relaxing elements of the esophagus, could be making your morning pick me to cause some serious problems including as acid reflux.

Others suffer from sensitive stomachs, making morning coffee more of a love/hate than enjoyable experience.

But you don't have to settle for standard coffee brands tearing up your stomach and throat when you know what to look for, and that's exactly what we wanted to find out.​

There are plenty of acid free coffees out on the market, and we aim to point you in the right direction when perking up for your daily routine and to choose the best low acid coffee.​

Mommee Coffee

Mommee Coffee half caf

If you are looking for a simple boost to your morning, then Mommee coffee is a great balance between caffeine and taste.

This coffee is designed to use half caffeine proportions to give moms a guilt free experience when going through pregnancy. This low acid coffee is slow roasted to help reduce painful stomach irritation, while still offering a solid caffeine punch.

Mommee Coffee claims to be a viable choice in caffeine for parents in all stages of pregnancy. This option includes conception, pregnancy, and even during the breastfeeding stages, making this choice one of the very few options for expecting mothers.

Organically processed with no harmful chemicals and Fair Trade certified, Mommee cares about not only their mom's but the health of your baby as well.

In fact, Mommee is committed to providing their customers with the right information to make informed decisions, offering expert articles on subjects including Coffee and Pregnancy.

  • Michael Hibbs
    Michael Hibbs
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