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MOM KNOWS BEST - Coffee Myths And Tips For New Moms

Now that I am pregnant, can I have coffee?


Mom Knows Best


You just saw those two red lines on a pregnancy test and discovered that you are pregnant. Congratulations on that bundle of joy and no I am not pregnant but I recently became a grandma for the first time. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your second, I bet you have plenty of questions. So if you are like most people you take your questions to the internet and start searching for answers. Sometimes these answers to your questions that you find on the internet can leave you confused. One person will say one thing and another will say the complete opposite. The internet can have a wealth of information but is it all accurate? When I discovered that I was pregnant with my first 29 years ago, I did not have the internet. I instead got all my questions answered from a book called 
What to Expect When You Are Expecting.
This was my go-to for answers to my pregnancy questions before I had that first doctor appointment. Back then, doctors did not see you until you were 12 weeks along. They usually just prescribed that nasty horse pill prenatal vitamin and scheduled your first prenatal visit at 12 weeks. I remember one of the questions that I had when I discovered that I was pregnant was "can I still drink coffee or have drinks with caffeine?"
 Mommee Coffee
Can I have coffee when I am pregnant?
With my first pregnancy, I was not a coffee drinker but I did enjoy diet coke. Twenty-eight years ago the advice was pregnant ladies had to stop all caffeine, so that meant I had to give up my diet coke. I think the reason was that it could harm the baby or cause a miscarriage. Today, the advice that Pregnant women needing to give up coffee is a MYTH! 
Pregnant women needing to give up coffee is a MYTH!
Current studies suggest it is safe for pregnant women to drink coffee in moderation during their pregnancies. Most studies suggest that 200mg of caffeine a day is perfectly safe. This is equivalent to about two cups of coffee. However, make sure you listen to your body and talk to your OBGYN first. All women and pregnancies are different and certain restrictions might be advised.
I enjoyed coffee with my other pregnancies
 Several years later when I was pregnant again, studies showed that some caffeine was ok for us pregnant ladies and I was so relieved to know that I could enjoy a glass of diet cola, I still was not a coffee drinker. I discovered that diet cola and salty food helped ease my morning sickness (all day sickness) and helped me from losing my cookies. By the time baby number four arrived, I was a coffee drinker and drank 2 cups of coffee while I was pregnant. I had no problems with this pregnancy.
Coffee will not affect the baby
 I was drinking 2 cups of coffee a day by the time I was pregnant with babies 3, 4, and five. These babies had no problems with anything like sleep. In fact, baby number four slept 6 hours a night from birth. I remember the doctor telling me to wake him up after 4 hours to feed him. I laughed inside when she said that. This was baby number four so I had experience with babies and I knew not to wake a sleeping baby. This baby was just fine and at twelve years old he is in the gifted program at his school. So coffee did not affect his brain. Coffee did not affect baby number three either as he was a straight-A student, graduated the valedictorian of his high school, and is on the honor roll at the merchant marine academy. My older two children, which I did not consume any coffee with were smart kids also.
Coffee will not cause early labor or a miscarriage
  All my kids were born after their due dates, except the last one who was ten days early. So my enjoyable cups of daily coffee did not cause premature births or any miscarriages for me. I enjoyed my daily coffee all the way through my pregnancy. I even continued to enjoy coffee after my kids were born and while I was breastfeeding the babies.
Coffee will not affect your breastmilk
 I enjoyed coffee every day while I was nursing my babies/ The amount of caffeine that gets into your breastmilk is less than you think and it did not affect my babies. They still took naps and slept like a baby should. They were not hyper babies either.
Can I drink coffee while pregnant?
Moms need coffee
 We moms get little sleep when babies are little so we need that cup of coffee to get through the day. That warm cup of coffee may make morning so much better after being up all night with a hungry baby. Babies are a lot of work so if you need that coffee, go ahead and enjoy it without feeling guilty. Of course, check with your doctor first as each pregnancy is different and high-risk pregnant ladies may have to forgo coffee.
Can I drink coffee while breast feeding?
Calm your fears and stomach with Mommee Coffee
  I discovered a low acid coffee that is easier on that sensitive pregnancy stomach. Coffee is usually an acidic food that acid food lead to bone density loss. At a time when you are not only caring for your own bones but growing those of another, you need all the bone support you can get. Mommee Coffee is a low acid coffee so that is a bone-friendly approach to coffee consumption. This flavorful coffee also comes in delicious unique caffeine content varieties that have pregnant and new moms in mind. You can get this organic water processed coffee in decaf, 1/4 cafe 1/2 caf, and full caf so you can choose the level of caffeine that you are comfortable with or that your doctor recommends. So now you can still enjoy coffee while you are with child.
Mommee Coffee Full Caffeine
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