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SAN FRANCISCO BIRTH CENTER - To Coffee or Not To Coffee?

Chelsea Day and Child

As a new mom there is a deluge of “things to do or not to do” , it’s exhausting. It’s an onslaught of late night google sessions for every possible symptom, decade old protocols, doctors’ opinions, and even total strangers offering their unsolicited advice. There are the obvious things like; don’t go bungee jumping, or possibly not the best time to start an extreme diet, or how about you hold off on that belly ring you’ve always wanted? Got it. However, some advice requires further investigation. For instance; don’t eat raw fish ­ ok, so eating that dodgy supermarket sushi probably isn’t a good idea but what do women in countries where it’s a primary source of protein do? How about the ole’ ­ don’t raise your arms over your head lest you choke the baby with the umbilical cord, huh? That’s just not even possible. It’s completely crazy making.

However, this blitz of information became the breeding ground for listening to my intuition. If it feels right to never lift your arms above your head­ so be it. Maybe buy a long­reach grabber though, for the stuff on the top shelf? Clearly, there were things I learned to tune out. I cut back on spicy foods due to heartburn, only ate sushi at restaurants I trusted, didn’t take any chances with greasy fast food and limited my caffeine.

I didn’t give up coffee though, never! There are certain things that are comforting in a time when, literally, everything in your world is changing. My morning coffee routine was that consistent start each day that helped me to review the size of my belly, current changing symptoms or levels of joy/anxiety. Even after my daughter was born, this morning routine kept me stable. As days blurred into nights and my daily clock became 24hrs, this seemingly simple beverage provided comfort. So when a momma friend told me that drinking coffee was bad for my breastfed baby, I tried to ignore her, but the guilt nagged at me. Taking away my coffee, my morning moment, was not something I was prepared to do.

So, I asked my midwife friend, Julie Birdsong about her thoughts on breastfeeding and coffee consumption. Her guidance was to weigh the benefits of my stability from an easy morning activity versus the impact of caffeine on baby. Enter in Mommee Coffee. At first I was hesitant to try the 1⁄2 caf blend but it’s now become my go­to. As my midwife suggested I could keep my routine and not worry about a full cup of caffeine slamming into my breastmilk.

Plus the fact it’s low acid­ which on a weakened tummy due to well, motherhood, I didn’t get any heartburn. Eureka. As I delved deeper into who Mommee Coffee is, I became a loyal fan. Started by two Bay Area women whose passion for making coffee safe for mommas is steeped in integrity.

Emilie and Sharon donated coffee to San Francisco Birth Center, pouring their brew during the grand opening party. As Julie remarked, “even my coffee aficionado, not-pregnant friends, loved it!". In San Francisco’s highbrow coffee scene ­ that’s an accomplishment. Kudos to Emilie and Sharon for giving mommas a safe resource to indulge in our morning routine. And, when I find myself pouring a little extra cup, I’m reassured their beans have been mommy tested and baby approved.

Chelsea Day is a new mom, maker of hand printed fabrics for little ones, the owner of tinyttextiles and a drinker of coffee. Check out her blog for more adorable pics. 



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