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  • Madeline Dalziel
    Madeline Dalziel
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10 Baby Registry Must Haves

Nose Frida

1. Nose Frida
When my sister first told me about this suction device to get snot out of your baby’s nose, I was horrified; it sounded absolutely disgusting, so of course I had to give it a try. With the Nose Frida you actually create the suction by sucking on the opposite end of the device that goes into the baby’s nostril. Spoiler alert, there is a seal that traps the snot in the tube and it never makes it to your mouth. This is actually a surprisingly satisfying process and really helps when your little one is all stuffed up and can’t sleep.  Also, a great party trick when you have friends over.  

Temporal Artery Thermometer

  • 2. Digital forehead thermometer & infant Tylenol
  • Taking a baby’s temperature can be tough at the best of times. No baby loves having a cold thermometer stuck under his or her sweaty armpits or in other not so glamorous places. Spare your child the humiliation and get a digital thermometer. If you know how to swipe left or right on Tinder, you’ll have no problems operating this gadget. Also, don’t forget to have a supply of infant Tylenol on hand so you’re not running to Rite Aid at 2am with a screaming, feverish baby.  

    Zippered Pajamas

  • 3. Zippered pajamas
  • Snapping pjs are adorable and come in a much wider selection of cute patterns, but trust me you will not regret getting the zippered ones. They make life so much easier especially with a wriggly baby in the middle of the night. You can thank me later.

    Additional Changing Pads

  • 4. Additional pads for changing pad
  • So, you know how you bought that special water resistant changing pad and then a pretty cover to protect the pad? Well, you will also need additional pads to cover your changing pad cover. It’s mind boggling how many times a newborn pees and poos literally all over the changing table, and how many blow outs you’ll be dealing with the first few months. So, buy some cheap smaller pads to put under your baby’s bottom that can easily be thrown in the wash instead of investing in a bunch of overpriced changing pad covers.

    Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

  • 5. Humidifier
  • Inevitably, someone will forget to pass the meticulous germ inspection and hand sanitizing station at the front door and your precious little baby will get sick. When they do, you will want to do everything in your power to help them sleep through the night, because you love them so much...and more importantly, you love every sacred second of sleep you can squeeze in too. A humidifier is key to ease your baby’s chest cold or congestion.

    Cloud b On The Go Travel Sound Machine Soother, Sleep Sheep

  • 6. Sleep sheep
  • Who doesn’t love falling asleep to the sound of a heartbeat or ocean waves breaking? The sleep sheep is a great part of your sleep time routine. You turn it on in the baby’s room as you are settling them down for bed and it quickly becomes associated with sleep. It is also very useful for drowning out other sounds in the house, like you hitting the couch like a bunch of bricks at the end of the day, or noise from any other pesky children you may have who can’t grasp the concept of “being quiet.”  

    Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

  • 7. Boppy nursing pillow
  • The Boppy pillow is very useful for making breastfeeding more comfortable, propping your baby up, and for tummy time practice. Also, the Boppy is very convenient when you have a 100 year old great grandma who needs a little extra padding when holding little “what’s her name again?” I have a Boppy, but I am also very taken with its rival pillow, the “My Breast Friend”—genius marketing. Make sure you add a nursing pillow to your list.

    Plant Therapy Essential Oils Lavender Pre-Diluted Essential Oil Roll-On

     8. Lavender oil

    Okay, I know essential oils may seem a little too hippy-ish, but once you have kids you are willing to try just about anything to get them to sleep. I suggest rubbing a little lavender oil on the bottom of your baby’s feet before bed. It relaxes and soothes them, and can lead to better, deeper, longer sleep. Besides that, it helps mask the other not so lovely baby smells that may linger in their room.  

    Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes Clutch and Clean Carrying Case Solution

  • 9. Reusable wipe holder for diaper bag
  • Regular wipe packages don’t seal well and lugging around an entire new pack on top of the 57 other baby items you have in your diaper bag is exhausting. I suggest buying a reusable wipe container so you can refill it when needed and keep the wipes nice and moist. Plus, these Huggies’ ones are just too cute.


  • Mommee Coffee
  • 10. Mommee Coffee
  • As a new mom, you are operating around the clock to care for your little one. In case you aren’t used to the graveyard shift, I highly recommend a good cup of coffee, or 2, or 3 to get your through the day. Mommee Coffee has created coffee tailored to moms that is organic, low-acid, water processed, and comes in multiple caffeination levels. Besides that, it tastes delicious. Whether my day starts at 7am or 3am, it’s my go-to!

    • Madeline Dalziel
      Madeline Dalziel
    • Product Reviews

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