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  • Why Drink Mommee Coffee? Understanding Caffeine in Coffee
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    Emilie Simmons
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Why Drink Mommee Coffee? Understanding Caffeine in Coffee

Understanding Caffeine in Coffee

We know how wonderful and how challenging it is to be an aspiring, expecting, or adjusting new mom. We understand what it feels like to be up 5 times during the night and still have to be present and engaging during the day. We appreciate how much you want to soak in this magical time while still craving a few minutes of escape back to a seemingly simpler life.

We know because we've been there. And we created Mommee Coffee for all of us!

Finding the right balance is tricky and sometimes we forget that part of being good to baby is being good to ourselves.  If you choose to continue to drink coffee while pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive, you should have options that meet your physical and emotional needs without leaving you feeling worried or guilty.

Step 1: Get informed

Yes, it’s cliche, but knowledge really is power. And we want you to be able to make an empowered decision. Click the links below to learn more.


Coffee and Conceiving

Moderating your caffeine consumption is recommended while trying to conceive.  Your other half should watch his caffeine intake as well. Visit our Coffee and Conceiving page for more info.

Coffee and Pregnancy

The American Congress of OBGYNs says drinking 1-2 cups of full caf coffee a day is okay during pregnancy. The Golden Rule is to listen to your doctor and your body.  Visit our Coffee and Pregnancy page for more info.

Coffee and Breastfeeding

Limiting caffeine intake to less than 2 cups of full caf per day while breastfeeding helps keep baby happy and mom hydrated. Visit our Coffee and Breastfeeding page for more info.

Step 2: Find the balance that's right for you

Now that you’re informed, consider your individual needs and comfort level and the fact that these might vary across days of the week or months of the year. Mommee Coffee features four unique caffeine content levels to match your needs at any stage of your Mommee journey.

Step 3: Give yourself and your baby the best

Caffeine is not the only thing to consider when drinking coffee as an aspiring, expecting or adjusting mom. Standard coffee may contain chemicals and high acid levels that we Mommees would rather avoid. Read more on the features of Mommee Coffee below.


Low Acid

Protect your sensitive pregnant stomach. Care for your own bones and the growing bones of your baby. Visit our Low Acid page for more info.



Take comfort knowing that our organically certified farmers provide the highest quality all natural beans. Visit our Organic page for more info


Water Processed

Don’t trade caffeine for chemicals. Decaffeination using water is the best option for you and your baby. Visit our Water Processed page for more info.

  • Emilie Simmons
    Emilie Simmons
  • Coffee

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