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Mommee Coffee: The Conception Story

Mommee Coffee was conceived by longtime friends Emilie Simmons and Sharon Pieczenik. Although this conception was not one that was planned, we now realize that Mommee Coffee has been twinkling in both of our eyes for quite a long time. Here's the story of how those twinkles became a vision that eventually became our company.

 Emilie’s Story

Mommee Coffee is the product of a continuous stream of inspiration taken from the experience and observation of day-to-day mom life . The original idea, however, took shape on the rarest of mom days, a day spent entirely alone in thought.

Now, before you go picturing me seated on a large pillow in a cloud of deep introspection, let me clarify. On this day I was over 8 months pregnant and on an 8 hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area down to my childhood home in San Diego. I had enthusiastically chosen this road-trip option, and left my wife to fly down with my son, because 1) an almost-2-year-old on an 8 hour drive is misery 2) an almost-2-year-old on a pregnant "lap" in an airplane is worse and 3) finding 8 hours alone is akin to finding a unicorn.

A mom who finds this kind of alone time – and can't use it to sleep or to be a whirlwind of domestic productivity – is left no choice but to do some thinking. And that day I was thinking about the sad, orange-rimmed gas station coffee pot, holding that last bit of lukewarm decaf, that awaited me somewhere along the never-ending stretch of Highway 5.

By the time I arrived in San Diego I had the name Mommee Coffee and the beginnings of a vision for providing moms and moms-to-be with a delicious coffee specifically geared to our unique needs. And then my friend Sharon called…

Sharon’s story

When I called Emilie, I was simply calling to catch up. I had no idea that the trajectory of my professional career was about to change.

I had been away for three months living in a cooperative community in Costa Rica – cooking in their vegan kitchen, learning to meditate, and participating in cleanses for both the body and soul. My time away helped me realize that I wanted to start shifting my professional focus towards mental health, women’s health, and especially where the two overlap. I was calm, tan, and open to opportunity.

When Emilie mentioned Mommee Coffee, I felt that the idea was genius and the name was spot on. It touched what I call my “wise mind,” that magical decision-making place where the heart and mind meet. I wasn’t exactly sure how to get a coffee company up and running. However, I am a child of small business owners and I have been producing media projects for over a decade. I knew we had the idea, the passion, and the smarts. Mommee Coffee was going to become a reality.

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