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  • A Real-Life Nightmare! Dad Ends Up Delivering His Own Daughter At Home When The Ambulance Is Late!
  • Mo Mulla
    Mo Mulla
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A Real-Life Nightmare! Dad Ends Up Delivering His Own Daughter At Home When The Ambulance Is Late!

Mo Mulla

Every single birth story is diverse, and they all have their inherent dangers. But as I sat down thinking about all the possibilities of what could have occurred, I felt safe knowing that even though things didn't go as we thought they would, my wife gave birth to a fit and healthy baby girl.

Usually, a dad's role in childbirth is just a passive one. He should advocate what his wife needs and be there as much as possible to help out. 

However, this event had stretched my parental duties to a level that I could never have imagined.

In this article, I'll reveal the climax of events that eventually lead to me delivering my own baby and why my wife didn't make it to the hospital and didn't receive any pain killers whatsoever! 

Just Before 4 am 

My wife had started feeling little contractions for a few days, so we both predicted that the baby was coming soon. This was our second child within 2 years and with her first, my wife gave birth a week and a half early, so we assumed our baby would come before the due date. 

My wife had been very active for the past few nights, so I was conscious of her irregular patterns. However, on this night, I didn't manage to catch her hobble out of bed, so she was up for a few hours before I even realised. 

By the time I got up, she had been experiencing steady contractions and I had to start timing them immediately to catch up.

As I could see her pain increasing, I began to mentally and physically plan our trip to the hospital, slowly getting everything ready.  

Rapid Contractions 

As I started timing the contractions, I realised they were coming very frequently but were also very close together. I decided to avoid any uncertainties and gave the hospital a call to let them know that we were coming in.  

Previously, the hospital had warned us to only call and come in when contractions were very close and after they had done an oral assessment on my wife over the phone.

However, before I got through to the correct department my wife let out a shriek of agony. She stood there, crouched down, but half standing up, in total confusion. 

 I didn’t need to ask what happened; it was clear. All her waters had broken instantly, and she stood there in shock. 

Seeing her anguish and realizing that it would be very difficult to get us all in the car quickly, I decided to call the ambulance. We all weren't ready yet and it would be impossible to get my wife and my 2-year-old son ready in such a short time.  

The Baby Is Crowning, What Next! 

 As she sat in uncertainty and despair, still going through sharp contractions, I spoke with an emergency operator on the phone. 

I explained the details and he assured me an ambulance was on the way and would arrive shortly. 

Everything was going so quick and by this time, we both knew that this baby was going to be born soon. It was very scary as we hadn't planned for this at all. 

I tried to think of smart things I could do fast to make the living room more peaceful. I turned down the lights, lightly laid out some pillows and blankets and yelled across to our Google Home Device to "Play Waterfall sounds" 

As my wife tried to manage contractions, the operator asked me to check on the baby to see if I could see the position it was in. 

As my wife reluctantly opened her legs, I could see unquestionably that the baby was crowning. 

Luckily, I had read a few baby books already, so I wasn't completely perplexed. I knew that this meant the baby was coming very soon, so I nervously asked the operator when the ambulance would arrive. 

He assured me they were near, but I had this very strange feeling that things were going from bad to worse when he asked me to pick up a few non-medical items from around my flat.

My 2-year-old runs in...

As I struggled to get the items around the house, I couldn't help but start to panic.  

My wife was in agony and extreme pain and I felt so helpless. It was a nerve-racking and very agonizing time for us both and just as I thought things couldn't possibly get any worse my 2-year-old son comes bursting through the door.

He had somehow slept through everything up to this point and had woken up at the climax of it all. I quickly tried to settle him, as much as I could, and ordered him to stay well clear of his mummy. It couldn't have been the worst timing!

A feeling of Extreme Euphoria & Fear… Simultaneously!

My wife had passed through active labour very fast and she was ready to push the baby out, we couldn't wait for the paramedics to arrive.   

I held her hand, tried to remain cool while simultaneously receiving instructions from the operator and handling my toddler who was in obvious distress. 

I remember the operator having to repeat herself over and over, not because I couldn't hear her, but because everything had slowed down and I needed time to process. Time had slowed down dramatically and it was like each second lasted a full minute. 

As my wife started to push, our baby began to show herself. Immediately her head came out and I saw my gorgeous daughter's face for the first time. 

It was a culminating sense of total elation, followed by extreme fear. It’s a feeling that's difficult to describe and one I will never forget. 

The next few moments were a blur of cries of pain, specific instructions over the phone and loud crying from both new baby and our toddler. So much was happening that I had to take a moment to catch my breath.  

As my wife continued to push, the baby began to come out: her shoulders, her back and her bum, followed by her feet. I held the baby's head and body and wrapped her up in a fresh towel. I instantly praised my wife and told her how well she had done.

Paramedics FINALLY Arrive!

A few seconds later I heard a thump on the door as the paramedics finally arrived. They walked in and was very shocked to see that the baby was already born. 

They immediately checked the baby over and gave her the all-clear. As we collected our things together and headed to the hospital for a further check-up, I felt both frustrated and satisfied. 

Disappointed that the paramedics took so long, but just totally elated that my daughter was born fit and strong at home.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes I look back at our experience and can't help but to be thankful. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I was able to support my wife in delivering her own baby and that everything turned out fine.  

I always believed that a dad's primary duty was getting to the hospital on time, but I could have never envisioned that my parental responsibilities would extend to assisting a newborn delivery. 

One thing I've learnt is that in Childbirth there are many unforeseeable things that can happen, and you must be ready for anything!


Mo Mulla is a work from home dad who enjoys reading and listening to music. He loves being a dad and husband to a growing family. He loves writing about his passions and hopes to change the world, 1 blog post at a time! You can find his parenting blog here: www.ParentalQuestions.com

  • Mo Mulla
    Mo Mulla
  • Birth StoryDadFatherNew Baby

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