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    Stacy Brown
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Choo-choo Train Painting for Kids

Child Painting Train

Around here the train is King. We drive by the train station, we watch train videos, read train books and talk about trains all the time. So when our daughter is a good girl, her treat is to ride the train with us!  We literally only take it 2 stops up the coast a bit, but to her it's magic. And then we ride it back after a family lunch, and it costs us less than $20. It's awesome!

In addition to all of our train activities, we also love to do arts and crafts with trains. Our new favorite craft is to paint a train with a train car of every color, as well as lot of other fun surprises in the cars. As you can see in my pictures, the drawing doesn’t have to be some amazing work of art - they will love whatever you can draw for them. It’s the separate areas and details that you can add that they’ll love most!

TIP: If you have a roll of paper like we do, there's no stopping how long your train can get!

We like using water colors for painting because they work best for keeping clean up easy, and it won't completely cover up all of mom's hard work with the Sharpie. :)  We also have some bingo daubers laying around the house, and they work great as well for adding color and decoration to the painting! Great for little hands that are still learning how to paint.

Painting Train Activity   Kid Activity Painting Train

TIP: Work with your child to make sure they are focusing on choosing a variety of colors, trying to stay in the lines, and properly holding the paintbrush. These are simple lessons you can teach them without it feeling like you’re taking away the fun.

Long Train Painting Activity


For more arts and crafts ideas for kids, visit Stacy’s blog TheSquirmyWormy.com or check out her children’s books on Amazon - counting, coloring and drawing tips for kids!

  • Stacy Brown
    Stacy Brown
  • Kids ActivitiesKids Crafts

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