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  • Coffee and Conceiving - Let's Get Knocked Up!
  • Sharon Pieczenik
    Sharon Pieczenik
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Coffee and Conceiving - Let's Get Knocked Up!

Coffee and Conception

Let's Get Knocked Up!

As the physical and emotional stress factors in life rise, it is simply becoming more and more difficult to get knocked up! 

We often need coffee each day to navigate these stressors but how does that affect our goal to conceive?

As often with science, conclusive evidence on this topic is not yet well-defined. One European study showed that consumption of high levels of caffeine, more than five fully caffeinated cups of coffee per day, increased the time it took for a patient to get pregnant.  Another Danish study showed no such correlation.

In the case where science is inconclusive, professionals usually err on the side of caution.  The American Society for Reproductive Medicine states that moderate consumption, one to two cups of fully caffeinated coffee per day, has no apparent adverse effects on fertility.


And let's not forget the men's role in this equation!

Results from a study at Massachusetts General Hospital concluded that moderate coffee consumption by the sperm donor is also important.  Men in the study who drank more than three fully caffeinated 8 oz cups of coffee a day were half as likely to impregnate their partner.

  • Sharon Pieczenik
    Sharon Pieczenik
  • Coffee

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