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Coffee Grounds in Your Garden!

Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

There are so many neat ways to utilize your coffee grounds. GroundtoGround.org has an entire site dedicated to using coffee grounds to grow your garden. We, at Mommee Coffee, are all about being good to our bodies and the environment so what better way is there to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Coffee grounds are free and according to GroundtoGround the coffee grounds are a more nutritious source of nutrients for plants than manure (and they smell better). Below is a list of benefits coffee grounds can bring to your garden and below that is an easy two step process on how to actually use the coffee grounds.

Benefits of Coffee Grounds:

  • Help kill diseases living in the seeds and roots of the plants
  • Good source of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium which is great for growing plants
  • Earthworms love to eat the grounds. As they feed on them and move into the soil, they help spread the nutrients and fertilize the plants. Earthworms also aerate the soil, inviting more oxygen into the roots
  • Prevent snail and slug infestation. The caffeine and acid in the grounds kills snails and slugs. Truly sad for those little guys but beneficial for your plants

How to Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

  • Spread coffee grounds around the garden like mulch
  • Apply a 1/2 inch layer of grounds directly around plants

Note: Coffee grounds increase the acidity of the soil...although, most likely, Mommee Coffee will less of an acidic effect than other coffee grounds. If your plant type does not like acid, test one plant with the coffee grounds before spreading it all over.

  • Sharon Pieczenik
    Sharon Pieczenik
  • CoffeeDIYHow To

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