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Frankenstein Craft

Halloween Frankenstein Masks

With Halloween around the corner, we decided it was time to start decorating, so we made our own little Frankenstein monsters. This project required some prep ahead of time for my 3 and 5 year olds, but it was worth the effort because they turned out great, and the kids had fun making them.

Halloween Costume Supplies Frankenstein


  •      Black, white, and green construction paper
  •      Scissors
  •      Glue stick
  •      Markers and/or crayons

Prep Work:

Cut out the green heads and black hair (I left the bottom of the hair straight so that the kids could cut the hair the way they wanted it). I also cut out the eyes and the screws for the back of the head, so they would be ready to glue on.

Kid Activity Halloween Costume

Frankenstein Craft:

1. Take out black piece of paper for hair and draw a jagged line across the bottom with a pencil. Use scissors to cut the hair. Glue hair on to top of head.

2. Glue on the eyeballs and use a marker or crayon to draw on the pupils.

3. Take a piece of black and white construction paper and cut out a mouth and teeth. Glue the mouth and teeth onto the head.

4. Glue the screws onto the back of the head so they stick out the sides around eye level.

5. Draw scars and blemishes on the Frankenstein face.

6. Add any additional details to individualize your Frankenstein (My kids wanted their monsters to be more feminine so they added the bows).

Halloween Crafts for Kids   Halloween Kids Masks

  • Madeline Dalziel
    Madeline Dalziel
  • Kids ActivitiesKids Crafts

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