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  • Fun Ways to Get Toddlers to Brush Their Teeth
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Fun Ways to Get Toddlers to Brush Their Teeth

Kids brushing teeth

Innovative and lively methods on how to get kids to brush their teeth

We understand the tough daily battle you have to fight with your kids to make them go through their daily routine. Making them brush their teeth is no easier. However, should we blame the kids for making such a fuss? After all, who likes to leave the toy house to put a bristled stick in their mouth? We don’t. So, what’s the solution? Simple. Let us turn brushing teeth into a fun-filled affair that attracts the little ones.

Toothpaste Flavor Matters

When it comes to choosing toothpaste and toothbrush, we advise that you let your children pick the ones they like. Having a say in their dental hygiene will spark more interest in kids who don’t brush their teeth. Baby toothpaste comes in several tasty flavors, especially fruity ones and fun colors. Most of these are fluoride-free, hence, no need to worry if the toddler swallows the paste by accident.

How to get your kid to brush their teeth

Make It Musical

Many of you often ask us: how long should kids brush their teeth? Two minutes is the minimum, however, at infancy, their attention span is much lesser.  Playing their favorite song while they brush teeth is an effective way to make them do it longer. Many nursery rhymes are also helpful in getting their attention to this particular task. Our favorite brush your teeth song for kids is “Brush, brush, brush your teeth” - video of song can be found here. The song describes every step including flossing and rinsing mouth, so that the kid learns how to brush properly. You can also choose from plenty of other child-friendly songs online.

Let’s Play a Brush Teeth Game

Another method that sparks interest, games will be the most effective in inculcating this habit. Letting them practise brushing on your teeth, or on their toys; telling fun stories about fighting cavity monster - all of these are good gaming strategies to show how to brush your teeth kids step by step.

Give Them Prizes and Praise Their Efforts

When children get rewarded for something they do, often times they try to do it more often. Similarly, if you honor the youngster with his favorite things when he does a particularly good job of brushing, it will boost his confidence. Praise the child for her efforts.

Teach by Setting Examples

An important part of teaching kids to brush teeth is to make them aware of the importance of this task. We suggest that you involve your family or partner in this brushing activity, especially in the morning. Kids love imitating grown-ups and if they see an adult caretaker brushing his or her teeth enthusiastically, they will slowly develop an interest too. During this activity, you can provide them with nuggets of facts about brushing teeth, such as preventing cavity. This will make them realize why it is important to take care of their own teeth.

With your love and constant support, the little one will become a pro at brushing his teeth. How did you get your child to develop this habit? Which of our tips came in handy? Drop a comment in the box below and let us know how we can help you further.


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  • Rachel Burns
    Rachel Burns
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