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Goodies Some Expecting Moms Indulge In


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Though pregnancy should be a beautiful time, additional stressors and anxieties can often make it a tad bit tougher than hoped. Food and drinks are often a staple at events, gatherings, and work-based functions. Heck, food and drinks are usually what get us up in the morning. When a person has to change a lot of their diet due to pregnancy, this change can transform their lifestyle. Finding positive, healthy snacks that allow expecting mamas to feel less guilty and more confident is often the ticket to a happier, less stressful pregnancy.

However, as many things are during pregnancy, it isn’t always that easy. Between health issues that may arise, occasional nausea, and personal preferences (and cravings), finding these options isn’t always easy. Since each expecting mama is different and her wants are unique, finding unique, healthy choices can be tricky. Having choices available is key. Discussing the options available with other moms, medical professionals, and friends can be what is needed to find those go-to indulgences.

Cereal Can Seal the Deal

Snacks for Pregnancy

Photo credit: Pixabay.com

“I craved any ‘kiddo cereal’ – it was my go-to,” Rachel Snyder, mom of one, admits. “I had at least five different boxes opened at my house a time.”

Cereal can often be a terrific guilt-free, go-to snack for expecting mamas. Sometimes, even the sugary cereal is better than binging on pizza or a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Even though you should stray away from the extra sugar, there are many cereals that can count as healthy snacks to pick at when a mama-to-be is desperately in need of a snack. That’s one huge positive about cereal: the isle at the grocery stores has endless possibilities. 

Mom of one, Melani Swartz, also used cereal as her pregnancy pick-me-up. “I swear I lived on Cap’n Crunch for the first four months I was pregnant,” she admits.

Mocktails for the Mom-to-Be


Let’s face it – not being able to drink alcohol during pregnancy stinks. If you are someone who enjoys experimenting with beer flights or having a couple glasses of wine with dinner, you may silently curse out your little one as he or she is still brewing. For many, alcohol is about the taste. You may like the taste of beer and like the taste of mixed drinks. Even though your medical professionals sometimes approve one glass of wine on occasion, many moms will stay clear of alcohol altogether to maintain a safe and healthy diet during pregnancy.

Luckily, bartenders have mastered the magic of making mocktails.

“I loved when I was out to eat and I was able to get them to make me mocktails,” explains Kira Literalee, mom of one. “A no-jito? Yes please!” Instead of not going out to meet friends or sighing heavily when someone orders a fruity drink, you too can do the same – just order a virgin cocktail. There are also many kinds of alcohol-free beers and wines that can be just what an expecting mama needs to hold her over during a dinner or stressful day.

Fruit, Fabulous, Fruit


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“Fruit. Fruit for sure,” says mom of two, Leah Gemmati. “I craved all the fruit with my son.” Whether it’s a craving or just a need for some kind of snack, fruit can sometimes hit the spot – believe it or not. Some people are huge fruit lovers while other people would rather binge on chips and desserts and chicken fingers. However, fruit doesn’t have to be “boring” when you put a little thought into it.

Fruit can be more than just a ‘healthy snack’ when you think creatively. Boring fruit can turn into smoothies or frozen yogurt or be put in oatmeal or cream of wheat. There are also many different choices and probably kinds that you have never tried before. Take advantage of the fresh produce at your public market or grocery store, get on Pinterest, and dive on in.

“Blueberries – the tart ones. I could finish an entire crate of them at a time,” admits Alicia Marie, mom of one. Hey, you never know if you’re a tart-fruit loving mom-to-be until you give it a shot. 

Mommee Coffee, Of Course

Coffee for Pregnancy Mommee Coffee

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Coffee is a huge part of the day for millions of people. Whether they enjoy the taste or the pick-me-up it brings them, it often is the highlight of their day.  When you become pregnant and begin reading the paperwork your doctor gives you along, with the forums, apps, and blogs you follow, you realize excess caffeine is not suggested.

Either this truth can cause an expecting mama to go into a chaotic panic or she can know the right place to look to get that necessary dose of caffeine.

Mommee Coffee is a product that allows expecting moms to feel better about their caffeine consumption because they know exactly what is in their coffee – and it tastes good too. Typically it is recommended not to have more than one cup of a caffeinated beverage in the span of day when pregnant. Depending on your personal health and situation, sometimes it is recommended to cut it out of your diet altogether.

By being able to choose your caffeine level, you can still dive into that beauteous taste of coffee without feeling guilty – or as if you’re breaking the rules, in a way. Mommee Coffee offers full caffeine, half caffeine, quarter caffeine, and decaf options. Every expecting mama deserves to choose what works best for her lifestyle – Mommee Coffee does just that. 

References: Statements from “real-life” moms who gave consent to use direct quotes (via Momhood Mayhem on FB and the.write.mama on IG)



 Jennifer Aline is a coffee addict, mama of twins, and a passionate freelance writer and author. She writes for Moms.com on a regular basis and has had articles in publications such as the NY Daily News, NY Post, and In Good Health Newspaper. Aline received her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Studies from Keuka College and worked in the Human Services field before her two little girls entered her life. Aline now focuses primarily on writing, teaching aerial arts classes in the evenings, and caring for her twin daughters – all while continuously chugging coffee, of course.

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  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham
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