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  • Hannukah Paper Plate Menorahs
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    Stacy Brown
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Hannukah Paper Plate Menorahs

Paper Plate Menorah Craft

When you have little kids, every holiday is important. To make the house festive for Hanukkah, our social media maven and her family created a paper plate Menorah art project. Even though they celebrate Christmas, they dug right in and had hours of fun. 


  • Paper plate
  • Construction paper
  • Heavy poster paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint or crayons

Hannukah Menorah Craft Ingredients Menorah Crafting Candles Menorah Candles How to Make Menorah 


  1. Have your child paint the paper plate blue.
  2. Then have them color or paint on the heavy poster paper a design of different colors - whatever they want! After they’re done cut the paper into 9 strips.
  3. Cut out the flames using orange or yellow construction paper.
  4. Glue the flames onto the 9 candles.
  5. Cut the paper plate in half, or just a little above half. Staple the bottom half in reverse at the bottom for the stand.
  6. After they’re dry (Elmer’s glue takes a while), glue them to the back of the paper plate. If you don't want to wait for the Elmer's glue to dry, you can use staples or hot glue to make them more secure.

Hannukah Paper Plate Craft


For more arts and crafts ideas for kids, visit Stacy’s blog TheSquirmyWormy.com or check out her children’s books on Amazon - counting, coloring and drawing tips for kids!

  • Stacy Brown
    Stacy Brown
  • Kids ActivitiesKids Crafts

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