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My name is Stacey, and I am a mom.

I am happy and proud to be a recent addition to the Mommee Coffee community.

Community is something I have been thinking about a lot these past few months. I am incredibly thankful for the ways in which the world has returned to normal and continue to be impressed by how we, as human beings, can adapt and persevere. I recognize that there is still so much more we are dealing with as humans on this earth, and I don't feel like I have even fully recovered from the pandemic. Statistically, at least, I am not alone. There have been multiple studies that the pandemic was tough on parents, particularly moms.

I know one of the most challenging aspects of the pandemic, for me, was the isolation. The inability to be with my community, particularly my other mom friends, at a time when I needed them most was devastating. I wanted to have coffee with the moms I knew and drill them on my teens' behavior and mine.

"Is yours staying in bed all day?"

"Are you letting yours watch screens too much?"

"Talk on FaceTime too much?"

"Validate that I am not alone here…"

Now that we are back in the world, I will not take my community for granted again, especially not my fellow moms. We have all been through unprecedented times, and frankly, I have no time or patience for anything other than compassion and support. I believe that the whole "mom wars" nonsense is, in fact, mostly nonsense. I think that we moms support and bolster each other a good percentage of the time. Don't believe me? Go to a park and ask a toddler's mom if they have a spare diaper because your toddler had an unexpected blowout.

Even if that isn't your current experience or even if you haven't had that experience yet, here is what I hope. I hope we can create a digital community that supports and encourage each other as parents and people, partnered or single,  as working moms- acknowledging that all moms are working moms. I hope we can be a place where we recognize how hard parenting can be while not forgetting how amazingly incredible it is at the same time. A community that celebrates each other strengths, as well as our own, and helps each other. I am working on different ways to make that happen, but for now, I would love to see you around our social media accounts. I try to post some ideas on self-care, so if you have some of your own, put them in the comments. Throw a great recipe at me on Pinterest. Let's build a community that only moms can- run on patience, support, deep breaths, and a whole lot of coffee.

So… I look forward to seeing you around the various social media platforms.

My name is Stacey, and I am a mom to two teenagers that are everything to me.

And I drink an abundance of coffee. Like a lot. Not even kidding.  

  • Stacey Burton
    Stacey Burton
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