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  • Keeping Up With Crafts: What the Heck Do You Do With Them All?
  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham
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Keeping Up With Crafts: What the Heck Do You Do With Them All?

Kids doing art

Photo credit: Jennifer Aline Graham

Every piece of your little one’s art may seem special – up until you have twenty of the exact same paintings or pictures piling up on your dining room table. Though they are creative memories you wish to cherish forever, storage can get tricky after a while.

Below are some suggestions as to how to either save, send, or scrap some of the projects and crafts your children have created.

Save What’s Special (and Toss What’s Not)

Sometimes, you just have to save what you think is most special (even if it hurts).

“I have a folder that is now a box. I pick and choose different projects or papers my son brings home from school. Then when, he's not looking, I toss the rest,” admits Katie Elizabeth, mother of one. “I thought I was going to be the mom that kept every project until I saw just how much crap they send home from school.”

Once you decide which crafts to keep, a large black art portfolio folder can hold a majority of art projects. You can purchase one at Michaels.

Repurpose and Gift to Relatives

When you don’t know what to do with artwork or you just can’t force yourself to throw any of it away, repurpose it. Create something new from it that you know you, or someone you love, will find special. This can range from cutting and shaping paintings into new art - to sending off special pieces to loved ones.

Gifting ideas include:

  • Sending envelopes chock full of art to older relatives. They will most likely get a kick out of it. (Let them sort through what to throw away...ha)
  • Take a few choice art pieces and make laminated place mats out of them for your family. 
  • A fun piece of art can be put on a t-shirt or mug to gift to a grandparent.

Those who miss and adore your little ones will be incredibly grateful to receive a care package – or two.

Make a Book or Calendar

Choose your favorite pieces of the year and send them off to be compiled into images in a book. If you are so moved, you can even make a book for each year of your kids life. Places like Staples can make books and they even make calendars!



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  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham
  • Kids CraftsParenting Tips

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