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Mommee Coffee Real Stories

What’s your Mommee Coffee moment? Have you shared Mommee Coffee with your friends (I bet they’d thank you for it!). How did you feel when you first heard about Mommee Coffee? You’ll love these real stories from our Mommee Coffee lovers when they first discovered our low-caf, low-acid coffee options. Maybe one of your stories is even on the list!

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So excited that I found @mommeecoffee! Their low-acidity, organic coffee is perfect for this nursing mama. My little one has sensitive skin so I’ve been trying to eat a mostly alkaline diet. Oh and did you know that brewing your coffee in a French press reduces the acidity in your coffee and helps you avoid plastics in your coffee maker. Coffee, how I’ve missed you! ☕️ #thisisnotanad

Mommee Coffee

You know what’s funny? When I was super early in my pregnancy (like, before I found out), I couldn’t stomach coffee. And y’all know I LOVE coffee. That’s how I knew I must be pregnant. ;) Anyway I found this coffee that is geared toward moms. It’s low acidity and half caff (you can get full caff, 1/4 caff, decaf, etc. if you prefer). Now that I have my love of coffee back I’m loving this @mommeecoffee! Seriously mamas, you gotta try it! ☕️

Mommee Coffee Decaf Coffee


Morning! Who here is a coffee maniac? I just started regularly drinking coffee again after pregnancy and nursing for 8 months and whoa, I missed it so much. I chose to stop drinking caffeine before I got pregnant and planned on starting again after Maddox was born but coffee made his reflux flare up so I’ve had to hold off. New mom, no coffee.

But I recently discovered @mommeecoffee and I LOVE it. It’s available in different strengths - full caf, half caf, quarter caf, and decaf. It’s naturally decaffeinated using water (no chemicals), low acid, organic, and fair trade. Made by Moms FOR Moms. I really like mine topped with a little @califiafarms coconut almond milk.

A few notes about pregnancy, breastfeeding, and coffee...
* Caffeine DOES cross the placenta, so baby’s caffeine levels are similar to Mom’s. The rate at which caffeine leaves the body varies at different stages in pregnancy.
* Coffee (even decaf) can cause reflux flare ups in newborns. If you notice baby spitting up a lot, try a lower caf coffee or eliminate altogether (😩 I know).
* Newborns have a much harder time metabolizing caffeine than older babies.

* This is the most important: Each baby and each Mama are different! Some babies are very sensitive to caffeine while others are not. Take this information and see what works best for YOU.
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Quarter Caffeine Coffee


Y'all know that coffee is my love language, right?! ☕ When I decided to have a baby, coffee was off the table and I needed to find a new option. ☕ .So excited to try @mommeecoffee!!

What is your favorite life hack to making parenting and being a boss happen at the same time? Shout out to all my fellow mamas! 😄 Thank you to @watsonks for the awesome mug! #coffeeobsession #PRKristyna

Mom Coffee


Holy freaking cannoli! Where are my pregnant, breastfeeding, and pumping mamas at?! Y’all need to try this cup of joe like yesterday ☕️. I had to give up caffeine a few weeks ago because it was making Madds super fussy and unhappy and it about shattered my freaking heart 😅💔. Until, one of my lovely coaching mommas recommended @mommeecoffee to me!

It’s organic, low acid, and you can choose between decaf, 1/4 caffeinated, 1/2 caffeinated, and fully caffeinated ☕️✨. Made by moms and for moms. OH MY GOODNESS it is delicious too and guess who isn’t affected by it?! 💙 Oh and Moo 🐾 digs it too, because more play time with mom, duh. All is so so well today. Cheers from a VERY happy mama.

Love Coffee


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  • Stacy Brown
    Stacy Brown
  • CoffeeFor MomMommee Tales

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