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Mommee FAQs & More

We love to answer our customers questions! Here are a few of the most popular and frequent FAQs we are asked about our products and the Mommee Coffee business.

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Which level of caffeine is right for me?

The choice of how much caffeine to consume during pregnancy is really a personal one. Some people eliminate it altogether. Others continue to consume some. Some people have less or none early in the pregnancy but then more later. Mommee Coffee provides caffeine level options so that each person can have what they are comfortable with:

Learn more about caffeine consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding on our website.

How many mg of caffeine are in a serving?

It is difficult to provide the exact caffeine content of a cup of coffee since it is highly dependent on how much coffee is used along with a host of other factors. Read our Caffeination Info page for more information. Here is a rough approximation of the amount of caffeine in a typical 8 oz cup of brewed Mommee Coffee:

  • Full Caf: 100 mg
  • Half Caf: 50 mg
  • Quarter Caf: 25 mg
  • Decaf: 2 mg (lower than normal decaf due to water processing)

Do you ship internationally?

No, sorry we wish we could! We have yet to find a way that is affordable for our customers. Shipping costs (and sometimes import/duty costs) are high.

Can you tell me if there are any additives to your coffee (sugar, preservatives, etc)?

We do not put any additives in our coffee. Our coffee is Organic certified coffee. We pride ourselves on the fact that the decaffeination process is done without chemicals.

Is Mommee Coffee gluten free?

Yes, Mommee Coffee is gluten free. There are no glutenous products made at our coffee roasters plant. However, it is not certified gluten free.

Also, Mommee Coffee is 100% soy, dairy, wheat and corn free. Our coffee is also roasted in a facility that does NOT process soy, dairy, wheat or corn.

How do you decaffeinate Mommee Coffee?

Mommee Coffee is decaffeinated by Water Processing, and not with chemicals like common decaffeination methods. It removes about 99.9% of the caffeine while leaving the flavor intact.

Read more about our Water Processed Decaf Info on our website.

How did Mommee Coffee get started?

Mommee Coffee was conceived by longtime friends Emilie Simmons and Sharon Pieczenik. Although this conception was not one that was planned, we now realize that Mommee Coffee has been twinkling in both of our eyes for quite a long time. Read our conception story and learn more about us!

How many tablespoons of coffee do I put in for 8 oz coffee?

For a normal strength 8 oz cup of coffee, use ~1.5 TBSP. Adjust from there to make it stronger or weaker.

Where are Mommee Coffee beans grown?

Mommee Coffee beans are primarily sourced from Ethiopia, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. Our focus is on obtaining beans that are high quality, organic, and fair trade.

Are Mommee Coffee beans dark roast?

The roast levels of Mommee Coffee vary across our caffeine levels. Our Full Caf coffee is a medium roast, while our Quarter Caf and Half Caf coffees are medium-dark roasts, and our Decaf Coffee is a dark roast.


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  • Stacy Brown
    Stacy Brown

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