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My Morning Cup of Joe

Black and White Coffee Cup

If your morning routine is as crazy as mine, then you won’t be surprised that it can take over an hour for me to get my first cup of coffee down. This is kinda how it goes…what about you? Share your stories with us to be featured! #mommeecoffee

    1. Toddler wakes up and we change out of diaper into underpants.
    2. Go to the potty, since we’re potty training.
    3. Go downstairs and get out the coffee maker.
    4. Pour the Mommee Coffee into the filter and put into the coffee maker.
    5. Toddler pushes the button to turn on the coffee maker.
    6. Take the toddler to the potty again just in case.
    7. Put toddler on the counter and start making breakfast.
    8. Toddler pours Mommee Coffee grounds onto the counter.
    9. Clean up the counter.
    10. Get out coffee cup and creamers and put on counter.
    11. Keep making breakfast for toddler.
    12. Toddler drinks all the creamers.
    13. Get out a few more creamers and pour into coffee cup and set aside.
    14. Finish making breakfast for toddler.
    15. Pour coffee into cup and set on the counter.
    16. Put toddler at the table to eat breakfast.
    17. Grab Mommee Coffee and take a sip, still hot.
    18. Toddler throws eggs onto ground for the dog.
    19. Go clean up eggs off the floor and decide to feed dogs.
    20. Have a sip of warm Mommee Coffee.
    21. Feed the dogs.
    22. Toddler pours orange juice onto plate with breakfast.
    23. Get new breakfast food for toddler.
    24. Have a sip of cold Mommee Coffee.
    25. Put Mommee Coffee in the microwave.
    26. Take the toddler to the potty and change his clothes.
    27. Find Mommee Coffee in the microwave 1 hour later.
    28. Drink it cold just to get it down.

Iced Mommee Coffee

Instead of drinking cold coffee on accident, do it on purpose! Make a pot of coffee, cool it down, and put in the fridge to chill. Then in the morning pour the coffee over ice and enjoy a nice iced Mommee Coffee. You’ll feel like a winner!

Iced Coffee Mugs


For more arts and crafts ideas for kids, visit Stacy’s blog TheSquirmyWormy.com or check out her children’s books on Amazon - counting, coloring and drawing tips for kids!


  • Stacy Brown
    Stacy Brown
  • CoffeeFor Mom

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