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  • Painter’s Tape Projects: Saving Parent’s Sanity this Summer
  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham
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Painter’s Tape Projects: Saving Parent’s Sanity this Summer

Painters Tape Kids Projects

Photo credit: Breanna Yung

If you’re social media savvy, you have probably seen all of the popular posts involving painter’s tape. Whether it’s just some crazy trend or a way to keep busy during quarantine – Moms don’t care as long as it maintains sanity and keeps their kiddos creative.

Below are some creative projects moms have been doing during this time cooped up around the house. Get ready for your windows, fences, and driveway to be colorful and bright this summer.

 Fancy Up the Fence

Kids projects Painting the Fence

Photo credit: Katie Goss

Make your fence a masterpiece with the help of painter’s tape, chalk, and your little one’s imagination. Create a design on your fence using painter’s tape and make sure the height will work for your kiddo. Then, let them attack that fence with all the creative energy they have in them.

Next Level Driveway Doodling

Driveway Chalk Project

Photo credit: Kelly DiMarco

This painter’s tape project has become quite a trendy one during quarantine. It’s nice to go for a walk as see bright colors and unique designs on the sidewalk and driveways. Similar to the fence, create a design on the driveway using the tape and let your little one explore.

Mess-Free Window Wonders

Window Painting for Kids

Photo credit: Leah Gemmati

Even though parents don’t like to admit it, there will be rainy days ahead. When there are, put some paint in a plastic bag and tape it to a glass window or door. Make sure that tape is solid and cover any possible opening. Once the tape and bag of paint are in place, let your kids design away.

Chalk and Tape Obstacle Course

Chalk Obstacle Course for Children

Photo credit: Lauren Frumer

Mixed multimedia on the driveway? Why not! Mix up painter’s tape and chalk to create a fun obstacle course. There can even be different actions to do at different points or shapes: Do ten jumping jacks at the triangle; do five push-ups at the star.

Water Gun Letter Match

Creative Ways to Learn Letters

Photo credit: Katie Goss

This picture may not have painter’s tape, but the chalk written on the fence can easily also be done using tape. Your little ones can match letters or numbers on the fence and practice writing them using a water gun, squirt bottle, or chalk.



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  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham
  • COVID-19Imaginative PlayKids ActivitiesKids Crafts

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