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Painting with Water

Children Painting with Water

My kids love playing outdoors, and they are always looking for new activities. We used to do a lot of chalk on the driveway, but since my 1 year old started getting in the mix, it has been difficult to keep him from eating the chalk (and anything else in his sight). So, I came up with a fun activity they could all enjoy.

The idea is simple:

  1. Rummage through your garage for paintbrushes and paint rollers (or find them at your local hardware store).
  2. Fill up a bucket with water (I filled mine halfway and it was plenty for the 3 kids to enjoy without wasting too much water).
  3. Let the kids have at it!

My kids enjoyed painting the garage door, and when they got bored of that they decided to start painting the driveway.

My 1 year old enjoyed making big strokes and trying to cover as much surface area as possible.

Painting the Driveway with Water Kids Craft

Using the big brush on the driveway pavement, my 4 year practiced writing names of family members and friends, and words he learned in school.

Writing Practice Activity for Kids

And my 5 year old covered every other empty space on the driveway with her water illustrations.

Outdoor Arts Crafts for Kids

It was so much fun to see them in action with their new “toys” and the best part was that the cleanup was minimal! Within 10 minutes or less, depending on the time of day, the sun had dried all of their masterpieces and my driveway looked untouched (albeit slightly cleaner from the wash).

If your driveway is messy, you can also give them brooms and dustpans to sweep up before they begin...which for kids is a fun activity too!

  • Madeline Dalziel
    Madeline Dalziel
  • Kids ActivitiesKids Crafts

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