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  • Passover Craft - Fun for the Holiday!
  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham

Passover Craft - Fun for the Holiday!

Craft Supplies

With the Passover celebration growing near, incorporating children’s crafts into your gathering may not only be an educational opportunity for little ones, but also a way to keep them busy and entertained. Teaching your children about the reason behind important holidays can be a tough conversation to have for any parent. Art and creativity are great ways to slowly introduce children to the stories behind the holidays they celebrate while working on their creative and fine motor skills.

Below is a fun easy Passover craft families can do with their little ones with supplies they have at home. If these supplies cannot be found in the home, they can be purchased at a Dollar Store or Wal-Mart for extremely budget-friendly costs. No matter the craft modification you do, the story and message behind the activity is what truly matters in the end.

Crafting the Seder Plate

Sara Gaynes Levy at SheKnows has some great suggestions for fun Passover activities. She describes them in her article How to Make Passover Actually Fun for Kids at Home.

One fun activity is to make the seder plate out of felt! We didn't have felt on hand so we made the seder plate out of construction paper, markers, scissors and glue.

1. Place a dinner plate face down on a piece of construction paper. Have your child trace the outside of the plate in order to create a large circle. Cut out the big circle for the seder plate. 

2. Draw six smaller circles spaced out evenly around the larger "plate." Label the six circles: egg (beitzah), shank bone (zeroa), horse radish (maror), vegetable (karpas), haroset, bitter herbs (hazeret).

3. Using other construction paper, markers, and anything your child can think of, make each item to cut out and paste on the construction paper version of the seder plate.

4. During the dinner service, have your child point out each of the items on the plate they created and have a discussion around what each item signifies.

  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham

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