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  • PostPOURtum Thoughts: Moms Admit What They Really Spend Most Money On
  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham
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PostPOURtum Thoughts: Moms Admit What They Really Spend Most Money On


Photo credit: HerViewFromHome.com

Money. The word either brings forth tears of grief or tears of joy – especially for the mothers out there. Love and chaos may define motherhood, but alongside love and chaos comes financial strain. Though the strain can sometimes be avoidable or controlled (yes, Target… we are looking at you), there are many times when finances are extremely slim for personal reasons.

Whether it’s wrestling with paying the bills on time or fighting to carry all those bags out of Target, moms fully understand the struggle.

The Daycare Demon

Mom and her coffee

Photo credit: Elizabeth Krombel

“Besides normal household bills, my money goes to daycare and food. Cheers!” – Elizabeth Krombel, mother of one

Bribes and Wine

Mother and Her Coffee

Credit: Michele Graham

“Bribes and wine. I'm not proud, just trying to get through one day at a time.” – Michele Graham, mother of two

Bills and Beer

Coffee for this Mom

Photo credit: Leah Gemmati

“Besides bills, I'd say most of my money goes towards food, craft supplies, and beer... kidding... kinda.” – Leah Gemmati, mother of two

Coffee for the Win (well, not really in this case)

Enjoying Coffee

Photo credit: Jennifer Aline Graham

“I will fully admit that a ton of my money goes to coffee. Whether it’s Mommee Coffee or lattes at coffee shops (where I do a lot of my work) – I spend a LOT of money on coffee. Of course, bills and food are where most of my money goes. Money, fruits, veggies, diapers, and coffee all disappear at the same speed.” – Jennifer Aline Graham, mother of two 

Daughters and Dresses

A mom and her coffee

Photo credit: Beth Ann

 “I’m not positive [what I spend most money on], but probably twirly dresses.” – Beth Ann, mother of three



 Jennifer Aline is a coffee addict, mama of twins, and a passionate freelance writer and author. She writes for Moms.com on a regular basis and has had articles in publications such as the NY Daily News, NY Post, and In Good Health Newspaper. Aline received her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Studies from Keuka College and worked in the Human Services field before her two little girls entered her life. Aline now focuses primarily on writing, teaching aerial arts classes in the evenings, and caring for her twin daughters – all while continuously chugging coffee, of course.

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  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham
  • FinancesFor Mom

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