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  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham
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PostPOURtum Thoughts - Moms Discuss the Current and Coming Year

A lot can happen over the course of a decade, but a lot can also happen over the course of a year. These moms take a moment to sit back, take a caffeinated sip, and discuss the chaos and self-discoveries that occurred during 2019 and what they expect to see in the coming decade.

“I’m Hoping for a Bit More Stability.”


Photo credit: Stephanie Newman

I’m hoping for a bit more stability in the new year but otherwise a lot of what I’ve already been blessed with in 2019! Health, happiness, and baby snuggles.” – Stephanie Newman, mother of three


“This Year, I Devoted Time to Myself Every Day.”


Photo credit: Leah Gemmati

“2019 was a year of self-love for me. I was lost in motherhood and the everyday grind. This year, I devoted time to myself every day and I have become a better mom and wife for it. 2020 I look forward to traveling more, enjoying family time, and continuing to put myself and my family first. To continue my journey of knowing I can only control my reaction and emotions to situations and to be at peace with things I cannot change .” - Leah Gemmati, mother of two


“We Had Ups; We Had Downs.”

Mom Drinking Coffee

Photo credit: Jennifer Aline Graham

“2019 was a year. We had ups; we had downs, we had lots of traveling, and we got to explore where we live. I'm pretty happy with the activities and routine I got my girls into, but they've been tough toddlers for sure. I'm also very, VERY happy about getting my women’s fiction novel represented by a small publishing house. That was the best grand finale of 2019! 2020 will be a fun year. Not just because of my debut novel, but because I plan to really step up my work/finances, step up the girls activities, and step up my patience. I also need to prioritize my mental state and decide who is worth my energy when it comes to relationships with family and friends. I need to get rid of toxic thoughts and people. Bring it, 2020!” – Jennifer Aline Graham, mother of two


“I’m Hoping to Find a Little More Time to Relax.”


Photo credit: Meghan Moran

“I’m tired! 2019 was a very busy year with family and weddings and a growing two-year-old! 2020 will be no less eventful, but I’m hoping to find a little more time to relax (actually read a book or actually finish a cup of coffee). And here’s to hoping that the laundry magically does itself in 2020 because GOD knows when that’s getting done.” – Megan Moran, mother of one


“This Year Was So Special.”


Photo credit: Stacy Michaels

“In 2019 my twin, baby girls turned into twin TODDLERS! We celebrated their first everything, along with their first birthday. This year was so special because I could actually start to enjoy life again instead of being sleep deprived 24/7. I’m starting to think other twin parents have lied to me in the past saying, “it gets better!” I’m not sure what was worse, the sleepless nights AND days (since you can’t sleep when the baby sleeps as a twin parent - they didn’t sleep at the same time, ever!) or TWIN toddlers. But I wouldn’t wish my life any other way! My goal for 2020 is to get through these rough toddler years with patience and more joy than the year before!.” – Stacy Michaels, mother of two


“I Was Able to Spoil my Babies for Christmas.”


Credit: Jessica Sugg

“I couldn’t drink my first cup of coffee until the kids’ nap time today – also, 2019 was ok. I purchased my very first DODGE CARAVAN. One cool thing is I started nannying at my house full-time again and it ended up being perfect timing because I was able to spoil my babies for Christmas! I do hope 2020 is even better, just overall, but life is great with no complaints.” – Jessica Sugg, mother of three



 Jennifer Aline is a coffee addict, mama of twins, and a passionate freelance writer and author. She writes for Moms.com on a regular basis and has had articles in publications such as the NY Daily News, NY Post, and In Good Health Newspaper. Aline received her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Studies from Keuka College and worked in the Human Services field before her two little girls entered her life. Aline now focuses primarily on writing, teaching aerial arts classes in the evenings, and caring for her twin daughters – all while continuously chugging coffee, of course.

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  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham
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