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  • Madeline Dalziel
    Madeline Dalziel

Pretend Play Florist

Fun Activity for Kids

At my son’s preschool, there are always creative stations set up around the room for the students to do hands-on activities. The other day they set out a bunch of flowers and vases that the kids were using to make bouquets. I decided to try our own version of this at home.

Fun for Kids

We started by making a trip to the dollar store to pick out artificial flowers. I was surprised by how many options they had. The kids had fun picking out a bunch of different ones, and then we found some sturdy plastic cups that would work well as vases.

When we got home I cut the flowers apart before playing (I used wire cutters because the stems have metal under the plastic coating). Since we were using artificial flowers, I thought it would be fun to still make them smell nice, so we sprayed them with some perfume.

Activities for Home for Kids

Next, we got out our play dough and filled up the cups so that the flowers would stay in place. Once we had the play dough in, the kids immediately started making unique bouquets. Later, we decided to get out the cash register and make it a flower shop so that customers could order their own specific arrangements. We came up with all sorts of scenarios where people needed flowers like weddings, Valentines Day, and birthdays and we took turns putting our orders in.

It was fun to see them get so excited about their creations. The flowers and cups were easy to store in a large plastic ziplock ready to play with another day. Hope you enjoy setting up your own pretend play flower shop!


  • Madeline Dalziel
    Madeline Dalziel

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