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  • Quarantine Regression Confessions: You’re Not Alone
  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham
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Quarantine Regression Confessions: You’re Not Alone

Quarantine Regression

Photo credit: Jennifer Aline Graham

2020 sure has been a doozy. Not only have parents felt the tension connected with quarantine and COVID, but so have their little ones. With children struggling to understand what is going on in the world around them, they may experience some unlikely behaviors, emotions, or fallbacks.

 These new feelings and actions may lead to regression – and this is totally normal.

 Twins Take on Quarantine: Potties, Binkies, and Worries


Photo credit: Jennifer Aline Graham

Though I’ve worked remotely since my girls were born, the quarantine definitely impacted us in ways I didn’t expect. Right before everything started shutting down, the girls were very close to being potty trained. We had a great routine going with working rewards and they’d even ask to go to the potty when they felt the need.

Then we were officially stuck home. 

It was as if the girls wanted to get back at me for canceling their weekly visit to their grandparents house and library group and morning play at the activity center and Barnes and Noble story-time. You get the picture. They immediately started screaming and running away whenever I mentioned using the potty. Being I didn’t want to force them, I stopped talking about it completely for a month and then tried gaining interest again. 


On top of this regression, they also wanted every binkie possible in their cribs during nap and bedtime when we had finally cut down to only one binkie needed at night. This brought me to my breaking point. I felt discouraged and weighed down by failure.

Until I realized, I wasn’t alone.

Whenever tremendous change happens, numerous little changes follow like ducklings behind it – and this is normal. I wasn’t the only mama out there watching my children regress. I wasn’t the only one out there blaming myself for these changes.

There are so many other parents struggling with similar demons and now we all stand together, ready to attack these struggles, yet again, and see where the change brings us. Mamas, give yourself some grace. 

Real Moms Confess

Regression from COVID

Photo credit: Natalie Concannon

  • It’s okay if tantrums happen. “Mine is just throwing tantrums 24/7 it seems like. It’s so frustrating.” – Jessica Farris, mother of two
  • It’s okay to miss daycare routine. “Carly is almost 3. Wants her binkie all the time and refuses the potty. I wish she was back in daycare where she could see her friends using the potty and she would only have the binkie at nap.” – Katie Steffenhagen, mother of two
  • It’s okay if socialization slows down. “At first, my daughter forgot how to be social! She was nervous when we started seeing our family again as she would hide behind mine or my husband’s legs and peek through our knees. After a while she would warm up. Now she is back to her silly, outgoing self!” – Mallory Widrick, mother of one
  • It’s okay if thumb-sucking happens. “My three-year-old started sucking his thumb. He was never a thumb sucker & now he is.” – Tabitha Sweeney, mother of two
  • It’s okay if they want nothing to do with the potty. “I saw a memory from one year ago and they were so excited about peeing/pooping on the potty and now they want nothing to do with it!” – Natalie Concannon, mother of two
  • It’s okay if there is separation anxiety. “My twins have been with me for four months straight. One of them has been having a lot of trouble with separating from me. She’s been very, very clingy whenever we are around other people or out somewhere. She has to have mom put her to bed, put her in her high-chair, change her diaper, everything. It’s been exhausting!” – Stacy Michaels, mother of two
  • It’s okay to worry about the future. “He was an only child, and he needed that social interaction away from home, and away from me. Obviously, he had to stop going, and now his preschool isn’t holding their summer program. So he is stuck at home with just me again, and now his baby brother. I just feel like he was starting to flourish so much, and that was taken from him.” – Chelsea Marie, mother of two



 Jennifer Aline is a coffee addict, mama of twins, and a passionate freelance writer and author. She writes for Moms.com on a regular basis and has had articles in publications such as the NY Daily News, NY Post, and In Good Health Newspaper. Aline received her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Studies from Keuka College and worked in the Human Services field before her two little girls entered her life. Aline now focuses primarily on writing, teaching aerial arts classes in the evenings, and caring for her twin daughters – all while continuously chugging coffee, of course.

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  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham
  • Child BehaviorMental Health

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