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Rainbow Pasta Necklaces

Kid Activity Noodle Necklace

If you haven't done this one yet, this is a simple no-brainer activity that your kiddo will love. All you have to do is put some food coloring in baggies with pasta, let it dry and voila! You have rainbow pasta necklaces.


Colored Noodles Craft

  • Boxes of different shaped pasta
  • Baggies
  • Food coloring
  • Cookie sheet lined with paper towels
  • Elastic string


When shopping for the pasta, look for the smallest pasta shapes you can find and go for the basic white pasta (not the whole wheat or colored ones), so they dye the most vibrant colors. I love the little pasta cubes, called Salad Macaroni, because they almost look like beads. But steer away from regular macaroni because they’re curved, which makes it difficult to string up.

Craft Noodle NecklaceCOLORING THE PASTA

It takes about 10 minutes to do this from start to finish.  Pour the pasta in a baggie and add about 10 drops of food coloring. Zip the baggie closed and then mash around with your fingers. You may need more dye depending on how dark you want the color. Then pour them out onto a cookie sheet lined with paper towels to dry. Shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes to dry and then you can start stringing them up!

 TIP: For kids under three, you may need to tape a toothpick to the end of the string to help their little fingers get the pasta on faster. Or you can just put a piece of tape around the end of the string (kinda like a shoelace) to help speed things up.

Threading Noodle Bracelet Kid Crafts                      Noodle Bracelet Kids Crafts 


For more arts and crafts ideas for kids, visit Stacy’s blog TheSquirmyWormy.com or check out her children’s books on Amazon - counting, coloring and drawing tips for kids!

  • Stacy Brown
  • Kids ActivitiesKids Crafts

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