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  • Snowy Day Crafts to Help Break Cabin Fever
  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham

Snowy Day Crafts to Help Break Cabin Fever

Snow Day Activities

For many families across the United States, winter means snow. Snowstorms, blizzards, cold days, frozen rain – you name it, it happens. Though snow-covered trees can be beautiful and watching your little one struggle in their snowsuit for the first time can be momentous, once February hits, many people are just over it. 

Finding creative activities to do as you await the arrival of spring is important. It is not only important for your sanity, but it’s important for your little one’s growing mind and imagination. Finding what works for you and your little one can help the cold days feel a tiny bit cozier. 

Get Messy

Toddler Painting

Photo Credit: Megan Linton

“Brynn gathered up all her artistic skills to create a masterpiece,” explains Megan Linton, mom of one. “We just taped down white paper and I gave her a straw and stage 1 paint. She just went to town. It was adorable.” 

Sometimes, creating a little mess is all you need to do to open up your toddler’s mind when you feel as if you’re closed into your home. All you really have to do is grab some paint, different shapes (even wooden and plastic blocks or feathers and uncooked noodles), place down a paper, and wait for the chaos to begin. It may not be a parent’s favorite craft to clean up, but the experience sure will be a memorable one.

Get Prehistoric

Dinosaur Activity

Photo Credit: Leah Gemmati 

“It was so easy. I just cut two long vertical strips of construction paper and measured both the kids heads then taped them to fit the kids heads. Then I folded another piece of construction paper and cut triangles so that the folded piece was on the bottom (near their heads) and taped the pointed ends together. Then I just taped the bottoms of the triangles all together in a line and taped them to the part that does around their heads. Super easy. Made it a head band and all the way down to a tail. Ben loved it. Anna did not.”  

Whether or not your little one likes dinosaurs, they will probably be fascinated with the idea of making their very own hats. They will be so proud of themselves when they get to wear a hat they made and designed themselves (of course with the help of their parents). Like Leah said, it is possible that your children may not be huge fans of the end product. However, the adventure will be worth it.

Get Fancy


Photo Credit: Mallory Widrick

“My little one was the model for my craft. Flower bows with the Cricut,” explains Mallory Widrick, mom of one. “I found a coiled flower image online and uploaded it into Cricut design space. I used my Cricut to cut out the felt. After I had the coiled flower cut, I rolled the coil up to make the flower. I hot glued the bottom together and then attached the flower to a nylon headband. Lastly, I hot glued a small felt circle to the back of the flower/headband so it wouldn’t rub on my little one’s head!”

Moms need to activate their imagination just as much as their little ones! Cricuts, Silhouettes and other machines are allowing more and more adults to truly attack their creativity. Mallory was able to stay busy and create something special for her daughter, but also make the project a truly memorable, creative one.

References: Permission was given by all the above individuals through the Facebook page “Momhood Mayhem.”



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  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham

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