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Important Advice for Moms as the Unique School Year Begins

Going Back to School During COVID

The 2020 back-to-school season may seem a little different than years before because, well, it is. This change is not only stressful to many moms, it brings new questions to the forefront. Should my little one stay home from daycare? Should I put my kids in school full-time? What if I can’t keep up with virtual learning and my job? Will my toddler actually keep her mask on?

These are worries spinning around the minds of so many moms out there. Though these fears and frustrations are new, much of the advice as to how to handle these emotions is not. Facing these hurdles using some of the following advice (given by real moms facing the exact same challenges) will not only help you now, but also help when other stressors arise. 

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