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Our Favorite Energy Ball Snack for Kids

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Between meals my kids stomachs seem be be bottomless pits. No matter how much food they’ve eaten at lunch, they are insistent that they are “starving” and must have a snack. One snack turns to two and they end up wanting to graze all day long. I am always looking for new snack recipes that help sustain my kids, give them energy, and of course that taste delicious. I try to stay away from processed, sugar rich snacks that provide a rush of energy, but then cause them to burn out. These two energy ball recipes are packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats, and my kids can’t get enough of them! We make two different kinds, but in either recipe you could substitute a different type of nut butter or nut butter alternative.

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Healthy Breakfast Muesli Recipe for Moms

Muesli Recipe Breakfast

My mornings are always a little chaotic. My newborn usually wakes up first, initiating a screaming alarm clock that undoubtedly wakes up my 2 and 4 year olds and sends them scampering down the hall. My husband somehow remains oblivious to it all.  

After carving a path to the kitchen to get my coffee brewing, it's go time...

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