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Part I - Beating the Mom-Guilt Game: One Mom’s Story

Mom Shame

Mom-guilt. Mom-shaming. These two phrases did not make a noticeable impact on my life until I discovered I was pregnant. They trickled their way into my every day existence through social media and family members or articles and friends. Of course, I knew about them since they were popular sayings being thrown all over social media, blogs, and podcasts. However, they did not hit close to home until I personally experienced the mom-guilt myself.

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The Pressure to Breastfeed: One Woman's Choice Not To

Formula vs Breastfeeding

I knew right away that I was not going to force breastfeeding upon myself. This choice wasn’t because I knew tandem breastfeeding twins may be tough. This choice also wasn’t because I feared my girls may face latching issues or I’d have trouble with milk production.

I made my choice not to breastfeed because of these three factors: comfort, stress, and anxiety.

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