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Beating the Bullying Blues: Part II – When Your Baby is the Bully

when Your Kid is the bully

This thought can crush a mother’s soul. When she hears or witnesses her little one bullying another child, her heart can completely crumble. It’s not an easy picture to face and it’s an even tougher situation to explain – especially if the toddler doesn’t fully understand the scenario. This is when a mom really has to step back, redirect her emotions, and figure out how the heck to confront her child, the other children, and the other parents.

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Beating the Bullying Blues: Part I - Educators and Mothers Share Advice

Kids Bullying

Bullying is something many professionals, parents, and educators try to figure out before something negative happens. No one wants to see a child emotionally, mentally, or physically hurt. However, no matter how much effort you put in, whether you’re a parent or teacher, there’s always another parent or teacher not putting in the same effort you are.

And that’s a hard pull to swallow.

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