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“PostPOURtum Thoughts”: Phrases Moms Have Said and Heard Too Much This Year

Every parent is guilty of saying certain phrases over and over and over. Like parents, children too get on a “Phrase Train” where they just keep saying the same darn things on repeat....  Continue Reading

Quarantine Regression Confessions: You’re Not Alone

Regression in Kids

2020 sure has been a doozy. Not only have parents felt the tension connected with quarantine and COVID, but so have their little ones. With children struggling to understand what is going on in the world around them, they may experience some unlikely behaviors, emotions, or fallbacks.

These new feelings and actions may lead to regression – and this is totally normal.

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5 Ways to Support your Child’s Interests with a Growth Mindset


We all want our children to succeed in their passions. But in order for any child to succeed in life, they must have the right mindset. It’s our job as parents to teach our kids the importance of hard work, improvement and perseverance. These are key values of what’s known as a “growth mindset.” You can teach your kids these values with the 5 following steps.

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