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What's Your Coffee Ritual?

Coffee in the Morning

Remember that cozy moment when the coffee steam hits your cheek and the smell of rich caramel makes you smile. These are the thoughts that come to mind when we see those cute Instagram snapshots of morning coffee cups wrapped in blankets and surrounded by favorite novels. We want to bask in those moments again, but the rush of the morning commute and the cold, forgotten coffee leave us unenthused. In the ever-increasing busyness of life, it’s nice to set aside a special time in the day to sip slowly and watch the sun rise. We know we all could use a break, so we dreamed up some special occasions in the day to slow down and enjoy each sip. This is your ‘me’ time, your moment of ritual.

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Mommee Coffee Real Stories


What’s your Mommee Coffee moment? Have you shared Mommee Coffee with your friends (I bet they’d thank you for it!). How did you feel when you first heard about Mommee Coffee? You’ll love these real stories from our Mommee Coffee lovers when they first discovered our low-caf, low-acid coffee options. Maybe one of your stories is even on the list!

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How is Your Coffee Decaffeinated?

Coffee Smile

Since launching Mommee Coffee, Emilie and I have learned a lot about coffee roasting! From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to offer a variety of caffeination levels so that moms and moms-to-be can control and cater their caffeine intake along their mommee journey.

There are three main ways to remove caffeine from coffee. We stay away from the first commonly used method. It utilizes chemicals like methylene chloride and ethyl acetate to leach the caffeine out of the coffee. Definitely not for us!

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Mommee Coffee: The Conception Story

Mommee Coffee was conceived by longtime friends Emilie Simmons and Sharon Pieczenik. Although this conception was not one that was planned, we now realize that Mommee Coffee has been twinkling in both of our eyes for quite a long time. Here's the story of how those twinkles became a vision that eventually became our company.

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Why Drink Mommee Coffee? Understanding Caffeine in Coffee

We know how wonderful and how challenging it is to be an aspiring, expecting, or adjusting new mom. We understand what it feels like to be up 5 times during the night and still have to be present and engaging during the day. We appreciate how much you want to soak in this magical time while still craving a few minutes of escape back to a seemingly simpler life.

We know because we've been there. And we created Mommee Coffee for all of us!

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