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A DIY Coffee Scrub Bar that Exfoliates and Heals Skin

DIY Soap

When your skin is soft and glowing, you feel on top of the world. You feel beautiful and exquisite; poised and powerful. You feel as though you can take on that extra-long line at the grocery store or confidently wear that bikini hiding in the back of your closet. Smooth, healthy skin brings forward a new kind of meaning for a woman – especially a mother.

However, feeling these emotions can be unlikely if your skin is blowing up and your hair is falling out in chunks during or after pregnancy.

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How to Make a Simple Scarecrow for Halloween

DIY Scarecrow for Halloween

Fall is in the air! And with all the pumpkin patches and haunted houses popping up, it’s only natural to get in the decorating spirit. My eager children are ready to decorate for Halloween already, so I compromised with them a bit to take baby steps to our holiday decorating this year. So we decided to make a simple scarecrow to hang out in the front yard, and we’ll gradually add as we go.

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DIY Halloween Costumes That Won’t Kill a Mama’s Budget

Kids Halloween Costumes

Being I was extremely pregnant at this time last year, I didn’t have much energy to do any of the activities I look forward to in the fall. ...This year we will venture out to pumpkin patches and festivals and watch Halloweentown too many times. We will dress the girls in overalls and plaid flannels and go for stroller rides through the changing leaves. Most importantly, we will find fun costumes for not only our girls to wear, but also for us.

The thing is we don’t have any idea what we are doing yet.

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A DIY Face Mask That Will Exfoliate and Caffeinate

Face Mask Made of Coffee

I’ll admit - I was blessed with pretty good skin growing up. However, when I got pregnant with my girls, it didn’t take long before I noticed little bumps breaking out along my hairline. From there, they’d appear randomly on my chin or cheeks or nose. Being a self-titled “Picker,” I couldn’t stop attacking them whenever I found them.

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Nighttime Routine Clock

DIY Nighttime Routine Clock

It's not worth the fight. Fighting with your little one about what time it is (time for baths, time for bed, etc.) is an endless battle. And what's worse is they can't tell time yet anyway! So they just keep saying 5 more minutes, 5 more minutes….

Our family created this night time routine clock and colored it so that our toddler knows a little more about what time it "really" is: Dinner, Bath, Books & Bedtime.

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Homemade Granola Bars

DIY Homemade Granola Bars

School is back in session and if your kids are anything like mine, they come home hungry and wanting to eat everything in the fridge. These homemade granola bars are a wonderful after school treat that will give them that energy boost they need to get through the rest of the afternoon. They have no preservatives and less sugar than store bought granola bars, plus it’s fun and easy to make with your kids.

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DIY Car Ramps

DIY Car Ramps Mommee Coffee Blog

I made these ramps a few years ago when my oldest daughter was a toddler, and they have been a huge hit, so I decided that it was time to share! The original inspiration came from the children’s area at the botanical gardens near our house. They have these cool wooden ramps and big building blocks in their discovery area and kids love creating their own tracks to roll balls down. I didn’t want to fork out the money for an expensive set online, so I created my own at home using large pieces of rain guttering from the hardware store.

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DIY Cardboard Box Project for Kids

DIY Cardboard Box Project for Kids - Kids Activities

In our house, dad has to go on a lot of work trips. If your spouse also has to travel a lot, then you know just how hard it is to be a single parent for a few days! To make the work trip a little more fun, we try and focus on what he/she might be doing on their trip and what their plane looks like. And that is how Princess Airlines was created!

Our Princess Airlines cardboard box project was created with a few giant cardboard boxes, some Disney Princesses, and of course a lot of imagination. Since Amazon probably delivers to our house every other day, we have millions of boxes to choose from around the house.

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How to Create Iron-On Storage Bins for Your Baby Nursery

DIY Iron On Storage Bins

I recently went to a baby shower where we made custom baby onesies for the mom-to-be, and I loved it! And not the kind of onesies where you draw some awful picture with puffy paint. We did iron-ons with fabric and I was surprised at the creativity and unique ideas everyone had, especially the ladies who claimed they weren't creative. So it gave me an idea to personalize the baby nursery a bit...custom storage bins!

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