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Real Moms Speak Out About Their “Mom-Bod” Mindset

Mom Body

It can be incredibly tough embracing your postpartum body. The saggy skin. The scars. The stretch marks. It isn’t the body you were used to before your pregnancy and will most likely not be that body ever again.  However, there is a sentence many “Mom Bloggers” are using on social media to help build a positive “Mom-Bod” mindset when it comes to facing your postpartum body. This sentence not only rings true, but can help build a different, more positive thought process when looking in the mirror.

When looking at your postpartum body, think this: “This is the result of my successes, not my failures.”

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A DIY Face Mask That Will Exfoliate and Caffeinate

Face Mask Made of Coffee

I’ll admit - I was blessed with pretty good skin growing up. However, when I got pregnant with my girls, it didn’t take long before I noticed little bumps breaking out along my hairline. From there, they’d appear randomly on my chin or cheeks or nose. Being a self-titled “Picker,” I couldn’t stop attacking them whenever I found them.

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Part 3 of 3 - Motherhood and Mental Illness: Ways To Help

Mom Blog One in Five

Between facing mental health battles as a teenager to facing similar struggles during pregnancy, one thing is for sure – life doesn’t hand you what you can’t handle. Clichés are often overused, but some do hold a lot of truth. I’ve conquered quite a few demons in my lifetime: cancer, self-harm, suicide attempts, depression, anxiety. I’ve managed to make it through those difficult times and learn from them – something some people, unfortunately, do not. The dark hole of mental illness is a dark hole, but there truly is light at the other end.

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Part 2 of 3 - Motherhood and Mental Illness: A Personal Story

Mom Blog Mental Health

With the courage “Mom Bloggers” have recently shown when posting their personal “1 in 5” stories on Instagram, I felt encouraged to share my personal “Mental Health Mama” story as well. Being someone who has struggled in the past with depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicidal ideations (as well as attempts), I felt drawn to this viral hashtag and the message attached to it.

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Part 1 of 3 - Motherhood and Mental Illness: Mom Bloggers Speak Out

One in Five

1 in 5 Americans Struggle With Mental Illness

The National Alliance on Mental Illness states that “1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experiences mental illness in a given year.” Many “Mom Bloggers” have taken to Instagram to share their personal mental health stories by involving this statistic as a hashtag. Putting yourself out there isn’t for everyone, but for those who do it carefully and appropriately are strong, courageous individuals – such as the following “Mom Bloggers.”

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Present in Pregnancy: The 3rd Time's the Charm!

Mind, Body Fitness Meghan Covington

Like with anything else, pregnancy gets easier the more you do it! Here I am 37 weeks pregnant with my 3rd girl, and I have finally managed to have (dare I say) an enjoyable pregnancy. And even though my body stayed relatively fit and healthy with the last 2, I think I have struck a balance with this one that has allowed me to enjoy the ride.  I chalk it up to staying present and mindful along the way.

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Triangle and Circle - A Book About Empathy

Sarah Claxton

Hi, I'm Sarah, I handle Mommee Coffee's Instagram account (@mommeecoffee - follow us!) and I'm also an artist and mom.  I live in Philadelphia with my husband Eric, our son Fritz, and too many cats to name. I'm a photographer by training, but over the years I've expanded my repertoire to include illustration and writing.  "Triangle and Circle" is my first children’s book, and the first of a forthcoming series of books. 

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6 Must-Do’s Before an Overnight Without the Kids

Grandma Playing with the Grandchildren

We recently enjoyed a long weekend away from the kids to head to Sonoma, and Grandma was nice enough to babysit. We have a two-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl, so there still are things that they aren’t able to tell her they need. So writing it down is very important! In all the chaos of you leaving, there is no way Grandma is going to remember the things you tell her - or know what you know. I highly suggest writing it all down in order to make it easy on her, and to ease your own mind.

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Keeping Your Little Ones Safe In The Sunshine

SPF for Kids

Once warm weather hit and I could take my girls outside without bundling them up in layers on top of layers, I remembered one thing: They’d never really been out in the hot sun before. Being that they were born at the start of a western New York winter season (a season that seems to never end), all they really knew was snow, long-sleeved onesies, extra swaddle blankets, and, oh yeah, more snow. Never had they really been outside when the sun could be of harm to them.

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Staying Positive About Your Personal Parenting Style


I’m at the age when many of my friends and family members are having babies. It is definitely an exciting time in our lives and a time that allows us to learn from one another. Even before having my twins, I experienced lots of different parents and parenting styles that helped guide me towards beliefs I wanted to hold onto when having my own children.

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Mommee Coffee Real Stories


What’s your Mommee Coffee moment? Have you shared Mommee Coffee with your friends (I bet they’d thank you for it!). How did you feel when you first heard about Mommee Coffee? You’ll love these real stories from our Mommee Coffee lovers when they first discovered our low-caf, low-acid coffee options. Maybe one of your stories is even on the list!

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What is GERD?

Woman With GERD

Most pregnant women have symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), especially heartburn, at some point. These symptoms may start at any time during a pregnancy, and often get worse throughout the pregnancy. Heartburn is common when you are pregnant. That's because hormones cause the digestive system to slow down. The muscles that push food down the esophagus also move more slowly when you are pregnant. And as the uterus grows, it pushes on the stomach. This can sometimes force stomach acid up into the esophagus.

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Helpful Hacks and Products for New Moms

Stella Mia Diaper Caddy

There were quite a few pieces of parenthood I never expected to face when starting this adventure. I discovered helpful insights when confronted with the many unexpected disasters and delights motherhood threw my way. I also learned a great deal from talking to other, more experienced parents and following motherhood-focused blogs and Instagram’s.

In this blog post, I suggest a few things I either discovered on my own, through discussions with Moms or through social media outlets I have found to be incredibly helpful.

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Staying Positive While Conquering Those Mom-Bod Blues

Body Image Issues after Birth

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Between facing a whirlwind of hormones, schedule changes and sleepless nights, new moms go through one heck of a transition when entering the wild world of parenthood. Though the adventure is an exciting one, it can also be one filled with many insecurities surrounding postpartum body positivity. Women’s bodies stretch and scar and sag during (and beyond) the early weeks of motherhood, often making new moms feel defeated.

Though the transition can definitely be rocky, it is crucial to remember one very important fact: Your body grew a living, breathing, tiny human and that makes it extraordinary.

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Curbing Cabin Fever When Home with a Newborn

Cabin Fever for Moms

Being home with your newborn is an incredibly rewarding experience. You start learning more about their personality, their needs and the little human they will grow up to be. However, being home with your baby can come with moments of overwhelming exhaustion and feelings of cabin fever.

Feeling like the outside world is filled with possible germs, many new parents choose not to venture into the public with their newborn unless it is for a doctor’s appointment. This means many new moms, though loving and caring for their little one (or ones), may feel trapped within the walls of their own home. Since babies can often sense how Mom is feeling, here are some suggestions to make your home as stress-free as possible.

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