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Celebrating Black History Month with Books, Shows and Movies

I Am Enough Children's Book

February is Black History Month! Below are some terrific children’s books, movies, and television shows to celebrate the beauty of diversity. The illustrations are captivating, and the storylines are ones that your little ones will absolutely love.

More than ever, it is important for us to celebrate and discuss diversity. The media suggestions below can be the spark that inspires important family discussions around inclusion. 

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Valentine Kids Craft: Simple, Spongey Heart Card

Valentine Craft for Kids

If you have sponges, scissors, paint, and paper hanging around your house – oh, and toddlers too – this Valentine’s Day craft may be just what your little one needs. Not only is this little craft fun and creative, it also lets your toddler work on tracing, spelling, and letter recognition.

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Affirmations Perfect for the New Year

Funny mom

New Year, New You may be a little overused around this time of the year, but Mamas – you deserve to make 2021 your year in every possible way.

Finding some phrases, or affirmations, that truly hit home could be the perfect way to start the year fresh. Writing down a few affirmations, such as the ones below, and hiding them around your home or inside your planner could be a great way to remind yourself of the kind of mindset you want to stay true to in 2021.

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3 Hanukkah Crafts Kids Can Make and Taste


When celebrating any holiday, what child doesn’t want to do a fun activity that they can not only create themselves, but also taste at the end? These three tasty crafts are not only a great way to introduce your little one to Hanukkah, but also great ideas to help with shapes, colors, directions, and other life-skills they will benefit from.

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Poetic Proof That Sleep is the Best Mother’s Day Gift

Mothers Day Gift

After asking numerous mothers what their ideal Mother’s Day gift would be, it is incredibly clear what most mamas want on Mother’s Day: sleep.

Sleep. A nap (or two). A break. Time for themselves – you get the gist.

 Though flowers and hand-made projects and bed-in-breakfast are wonderful things, let’s be honest – sleep wins. The poems below are not only blunt, honest truths from the hearts of mothers, they’re what partners and loved ones need to put on the top of their reading list as soon as possible.

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Holiday Activity Calendar: Make Every Day Count

Holiday Advent Calendar

With the holiday season being the hectic time of the year that it is, finding a few moments to relax and enjoy your family can be tough. You may feel guilty setting aside specific times in your booked schedule to watch a movie with your child or do one of those cliché, yet beloved, holiday crafts. You may feel as though “setting aside” time shouldn’t be how it is when it comes to family. You may think it isn’t fair to your little one to “schedule” them in.

Though it may not always seem fair, sometimes you do have to schedule in time in order to create memories with your children amidst the holiday chaos.

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Last-Minute Easter Basket Ideas for New Moms


Being my girls are over a year old, they now recognize more of the world around them. Though holidays are still foreign to them, it is fun getting involved and getting creative – even if the girls truly do not understand the entirety of it. However, I have been fighting with myself trying to figure out what is worth purchasing and what isn’t. I want to make the day fun for them, but I don’t want to break my bank – especially if, in reality, they won’t remember it.

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