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Painting with Water

Children Painting with Water

My kids love playing outdoors, and they are always looking for new activities. We used to do a lot of chalk on the driveway, but since my 1 year old started getting in the mix, it has been difficult to keep him from eating the chalk (and anything else in his sight). So, I came up with a fun activity they could all enjoy.

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Butterfly Valentine Craft (Candy Free!)

Valentine Craft Candy Free

My daughter’s teacher sent out a note this year saying the class would be exchanging valentines in class and that it was a great opportunity for them to practice writing their name on each of the cards. Candy was an optional add-on, but could not be eaten at school. I decided that it would be fun to include a little something for each of the kids but I didn’t want to encourage the kids eating candy, so we went to the dollar store to look for alternatives.

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Salt Dough Ornaments

Making Christmas Ornaments with Children

There’s nothing better than a little bit of personality on the Christmas tree. And when your kids are little, it’s so neat to be able to preserve a little bit of that adorableness in a handprint or footprint. Salt Dough Ornaments are the perfect way to do that – and they’re really fun to make too!

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Thumbprint Cookies Recipe

Thumbprint Cookies Recipe

Today, my little fairies and I decided to make our favorite thumbprint cookies for a fairy tea party. I love making these delicious cookies because they are so simple and only require five ingredients. Also, the kids love getting involved in the preparation, which includes using their thumbs to create the holes for the jam, then filling them up.

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Birthday Calendar Countdown Board

Birthday Countdown Calendar Craft

The countdown is on to our daughter's third birthday, and you'd think it was tomorrow by how much she talks about it! There are still 30 days until her birthday, but she thinks every day is her birthday. So to help her keep track, we created a birthday calendar countdown board so she knows how many more days till her birthday party. It also helps with counting and numbers!

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Frankenstein Craft

Halloween Costumes Frankenstein Masks

With Halloween around the corner, we decided it was time to start decorating, so we made our own little Frankenstein monsters. This project required some prep ahead of time for my 3 and 5 year olds, but it was worth the effort because they turned out great, and the kids had fun making them.

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Choo-choo Train Painting for Kids

Child Painting Train

Around here the train is King. We drive by the train station, we watch train videos, read train books and talk about trains all the time. So when our daughter is a good girl, her treat is to ride the train with us! ... In addition to all of our train activities, we also love to do arts and crafts with trains. Our new favorite craft is to paint a train with a train car of every color, as well as lot of other fun surprises in the cars.

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DIY Cardboard Box Project for Kids

DIY Cardboard Box Project for Kids - Kids Activities

In our house, dad has to go on a lot of work trips. If your spouse also has to travel a lot, then you know just how hard it is to be a single parent for a few days! To make the work trip a little more fun, we try and focus on what he/she might be doing on their trip and what their plane looks like. And that is how Princess Airlines was created!

Our Princess Airlines cardboard box project was created with a few giant cardboard boxes, some Disney Princesses, and of course a lot of imagination. Since Amazon probably delivers to our house every other day, we have millions of boxes to choose from around the house.

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DIY Writing Workbook

DIY Writing Workbook

School’s out for the summer and I have been trying to find fun, engaging activities to keep my 3 and 5 year olds entertained. At preschool they are learning their letters and starting to write their names, so I decided to create a personalized reusable workbook to help them practice.

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How to Create Egg Carton Bugs

Egg Carton Bugs

As the summer rolls in....so do the bugs! And if you have a curious little toddler they will be all about finding, catching, killing, and looking for bugs all over your yard. My little girl is obsessed with snails lately, and looks for them in the garden every night before bed. So we had to make sure to make some egg carton snails, as well as every other egg carton bug we could think of!

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DIY Cozy Reading Nook for Kids

Reading Nook

After being home for a week with 3 sick kids, I was feeling stir crazy and at a loss for ideas of what to do to keep them entertained. For a few days everyone seemed to have a fever and they weren’t up for doing anything at all. Reading books together became the one consistent activity that allowed them to rest and be entertained. My daughters love creating forts and other cozy spots to play in, so I decided to create a special reading nook where we could all get snuggly together.

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Color Sorting Kids Activities

Color Sorting

I’ve had the pleasure of observing what goes on in my daughter’s preschool classroom over the past few years. When we come in for drop-off in the morning there are always different stations set up around the room with activities to engage the children. One of the activities I saw repeatedly was color sorting, so I decided to practice the skill at home with my younger daughter who’s two and desperately wants to join her sister at preschool.

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