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“Springing into Coffee” Craft: Coffee Beans and Filter Flowers

Mommee Coffee Coffee Filter Flower

What’s better than a craft combining coffee and springtime? The smile on your little one’s face when they finish a fun, educational project.

This craft isn’t just simple, it’s an enjoyable learning experience for your little one. Since many “Coffee Moms” have coffee beans and filters already at their home, why not add some construction paper, watercolor paints, and glue into the mix? This project is one that connects a mom’s love for coffee with their child’s excitement for creating and learning. 

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Valentine Kids Craft: Simple, Spongey Heart Card

Valentine Craft for Kids

If you have sponges, scissors, paint, and paper hanging around your house – oh, and toddlers too – this Valentine’s Day craft may be just what your little one needs. Not only is this little craft fun and creative, it also lets your toddler work on tracing, spelling, and letter recognition.

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Winter Waffle Decorating Party

Making Waffles with Children

(This idea is inspired by Wonder Coffeehouse)

For those who may not be extremely savvy in the kitchen, there are creative ways to use baking goodies in a way that not only your little ones will enjoy, but the parents will as well.

The answer is waffles. Yes, waffles!

Let’s see just how simple this winter waffle party can be.

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Keeping Up With Crafts: What the Heck Do You Do With Them All?

Storing Kids Crafts

Every piece of your little one’s art may seem special – up until you have twenty of the exact same paintings or pictures piling up on your dining room table. Though they are creative memories you wish to cherish forever, storage can get tricky after a while.

Below are some suggestions as to how to either save, send, or scrap some of the projects and crafts your children have created.

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Painter’s Tape Projects: Saving Parent’s Sanity this Summer

Painters Tape Projects for Kids

If you’re social media savvy, you have probably seen all of the popular posts involving painter’s tape. Whether it’s just some crazy trend or a way to keep busy during quarantine – Moms don’t care as long as it maintains sanity and keeps their kiddos creative.

Below are some creative projects moms have been doing during this time cooped up around the house. Get ready for your windows, fences, and driveway to be colorful and bright this summer.

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Staying Sane During Quarantine – Part II: Creative and Crafty Projects

Kids Crafts During Quarantine

At this point, parents all over the place may be losing some of the creative energy they had when this quarantine started… as well as losing some of their sanity.

Well, we are here to help!

Below are some easy, budget-friendly projects you can do with your little one(s) if you are running out of ideas. Most of the options below are projects you can do with items in your home – so you won’t have to Instacart or Amazon extra items.

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Play Dough Snowmen

Play Dough Activity for Kids

It’s starting to get cold outside, but since we don’t live near the snow, we decided to make play dough snowmen instead. We used this simple play dough recipe and added peppermint extract to give it a nice wintery, fresh smell. To decorate we used things we had around the house like googley eyes, beads, sticks, ribbon, and pipe cleaners. The kids had a blast and made cute snowmen families. This is a fun activity to try at home, or to package up as an inexpensive gift for friends.

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Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats

My three-year-old goes to a preschool/daycare every day. So when I have a little extra time, I like to make a special snack for the kids. It helps out the teacher (I know she appreciates it) and the kids love it! I try and keep the snacks healthy, so these ones are a perfect blend of healthy and some sweet. And honestly, they took me 15 minutes tops. So you can do it too!

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Shell Sandcastle Art

Sandcastle Kids Art

Thinking outside the sandbox! Now your kids can create their own shell sandcastles without going to the beach.

Unfortunately where we live in San Diego there aren't as many cool shells on the beach as you'd think. So as much as I'd like to take the credit for my mad skills in shell collecting, these are all store bought. But they are actually from my wedding in 2010, so I feel better finally finding a home for them!

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Kids Geometric Painting

Kid Arts and Crafts

My 4 year old is learning about shapes and colors at preschool this year, so I decided to try a little art project at home that would get her thinking about both. We used painter's tape to create different shapes for her to paint in. This made it simple for her to stay within the lines because the tape served as a nice barrier for her broad brush strokes. A simple project that looks like a masterpiece!

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Painting with Water

Children Painting with Water

My kids love playing outdoors, and they are always looking for new activities. We used to do a lot of chalk on the driveway, but since my 1 year old started getting in the mix, it has been difficult to keep him from eating the chalk (and anything else in his sight). So, I came up with a fun activity they could all enjoy.

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Butterfly Valentine Craft (Candy Free!)

Valentine Craft Candy Free

My daughter’s teacher sent out a note this year saying the class would be exchanging valentines in class and that it was a great opportunity for them to practice writing their name on each of the cards. Candy was an optional add-on, but could not be eaten at school. I decided that it would be fun to include a little something for each of the kids but I didn’t want to encourage the kids eating candy, so we went to the dollar store to look for alternatives.

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