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Sleep vs. Sex: What Valentine's Day Really Looks Like for New Parents

Valentines Day Mom

"If we didn’t have kids it would be very different. A hotel room, room service and lots of sexy time!”  

Many couples tell themselves that nothing will change between them once a baby comes into the picture. They will still have date nights and intimate evenings together. They will still say, “I love you” before falling asleep every night and cuddle while catching up on The Good Doctor or The Handmaid’s Tale. They will still hold hands and make-out and make friends and family members wonder how the heck their “Honeymoon Stage” lasted so long.

 For a rare few, this is reality; for most, this is near impossible to maintain.

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Bathtime Bonanza: A Step-by-Step Guide to Surviving Bathtime

Bath time for Kids

Parents either dread bathtime or look forward to it. It can be a bonding time when you truly get to involve yourself in your little one’s life or it can be the messiest, tearful tragedy of the day. However the outcome, it makes for memorable moments – many which are entertaining to catch and cherish on camera.

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Twin Mama Mayhem: Part 2 – Attention Sharing


Even before the girls were born, people asked me about how I would handle favoritism and the sharing of attention between my twins. For parents who have more than one child, this concept can come up in conversation often. At first, I was nervous. Would I have a favorite? Would I not be able to show my babies equal attention? Would it be harder than I thought it would be?

Well, of course it would be hard – that’s just motherhood in a nutshell.

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Twin Mama Mayhem: Part 1 - Sticking to Schedule


I was told during my pregnancy that being a mom of twins would be different than being a mom of a singleton. At first, I really didn’t know what that meant because this was my first time stepping foot into motherhood. I didn’t know what to expect and all I knew was what I was experiencing. Of course, it wasn’t easy. However, it was all I knew.

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Triangle and Circle - A Book About Empathy

Sarah Claxton

Hi, I'm Sarah, I handle Mommee Coffee's Instagram account (@mommeecoffee - follow us!) and I'm also an artist and mom.  I live in Philadelphia with my husband Eric, our son Fritz, and too many cats to name. I'm a photographer by training, but over the years I've expanded my repertoire to include illustration and writing.  "Triangle and Circle" is my first children’s book, and the first of a forthcoming series of books. 

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6 Must-Do’s Before an Overnight Without the Kids

Grandma Playing with the Grandchildren

We recently enjoyed a long weekend away from the kids to head to Sonoma, and Grandma was nice enough to babysit. We have a two-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl, so there still are things that they aren’t able to tell her they need. So writing it down is very important! In all the chaos of you leaving, there is no way Grandma is going to remember the things you tell her - or know what you know. I highly suggest writing it all down in order to make it easy on her, and to ease your own mind.

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Keeping Your Little Ones Safe In The Sunshine

SPF for Kids

Once warm weather hit and I could take my girls outside without bundling them up in layers on top of layers, I remembered one thing: They’d never really been out in the hot sun before. Being that they were born at the start of a western New York winter season (a season that seems to never end), all they really knew was snow, long-sleeved onesies, extra swaddle blankets, and, oh yeah, more snow. Never had they really been outside when the sun could be of harm to them.

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Inspiration From All Sides: Squirmy Wormy Children’s Books

Squirmy Wormy

I find inspiration for my books a lot of ways: from the silly things that make my kids laugh, to my husband pushing me to follow my passions; from the teachers at school providing new experiences for my children, to the special family and friends in our lives. Each one adds up to a new book idea and my latest book, “Fiona the Snail Goes to Kindergarten,” gives a shout out to all of them!

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Nighttime Routine Clock

DIY Nighttime Routine Clock

It's not worth the fight. Fighting with your little one about what time it is (time for baths, time for bed, etc.) is an endless battle. And what's worse is they can't tell time yet anyway! So they just keep saying 5 more minutes, 5 more minutes….

Our family created this night time routine clock and colored it so that our toddler knows a little more about what time it "really" is: Dinner, Bath, Books & Bedtime.

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5 Things to Consider When Starting a Family-Friendly Job Hunt

Family Work Life Decisions

I recently decided to go back to work full time. My son is almost a year old and has been in daycare part time since 6 months old. I'm ready to go back, but I'm cautious on how much I can handle as a professional and as a mom of two. Here are five things I was able to consider during my family-friendly job hunt - and hopefully you will be able to as well!

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DIY Car Ramps

DIY Car Ramps Mommee Coffee Blog

I made these ramps a few years ago when my oldest daughter was a toddler, and they have been a huge hit, so I decided that it was time to share! The original inspiration came from the children’s area at the botanical gardens near our house. They have these cool wooden ramps and big building blocks in their discovery area and kids love creating their own tracks to roll balls down. I didn’t want to fork out the money for an expensive set online, so I created my own at home using large pieces of rain guttering from the hardware store.

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Sleep Tools for Young Children

Sleeping Child

As the mother of a 1, 3, and 5 year old, I know that getting your kids to fall asleep can be tricky, but setting up a calming sleep space and being consistent with a routine can help bedtime go more smoothly, and more importantly, allow you to have some much needed quiet time in the evening.

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7 Steps to Sleep Train Your 4-Month Old

Sleep Train Baby

I know there’s a lot of differing opinions in the parenting world when it comes to sleep training but I also believe that across the board parents want their babies to sleep and, in turn, to get a good night’s sleep themselves. So, I want to share with you the method that worked with all three of my children. Our pediatrician recommended it at our first child’s 4-month check up. It is commonly known as the Ferber method, or the “Cry it Out” (CIO) sleep method.

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Parenting Tips: Dog Training Before You Bring Your New Baby Home (Part 1 of 2)

Dog Training New Baby Home

If you’re like me, your dog was probably your first baby. And introducing a new family member to the household includes them just as much it does my husband and I. We were lucky enough to be able to find a baby class at the hospital that gave us some parenting and dog training tips for both our “fur baby” as well as our “real baby.” They have been helping us ever since and I want to share them with you.

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