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Pregnancy Uncensored: The Love-Hate Relationships Moms Have

Pregnancy Sticks

While some moms absolutely adore being pregnant, others would do anything to never experience it again. Every mother is unique which means every pregnancy is just as diverse. With that being said, not everyone will relate to what their friends or family members believe or experience during pregnancy.

Therefore, it’s comforting to hear all the different sides of the pregnancy coin.

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You Are Not Alone - Postpartum Depression

Baby and Mother

Pregnancy can be rough, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  You will soon be holding that beautiful baby in your arms.  The flood of joy and emotions when they lay the baby in your arms is overwhelming.  It is here, it is your new reality.  I knew I was prepared for the knowledge portion of caring for a baby.  After all, I had read the books, and I had cared for babies more times than I could remember.  What I was not prepared for was my roller coaster of emotions, it was as if my body and mind had betrayed me when I needed them the most. 

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Part I: The Summertime Manual for Mama – Pregnancy Survival Tips

Pregnant Summer

When a woman is pregnant during the summertime, the heat can be absolutely horrendous. Heat and humidity can increase swelling, dehydration, and exhaustion… and just make a person all-out crabby. It can be hard finding comfort when the sun is pouring those heavy rays on your shoulders, even when you’re someone who loves the summer. Finding ways to stay safe, cool, and comfortable during those hot days will benefit both mama-to-be and the growing baby bump.

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