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From Bows to Books: Baby Products with a Purpose That Suit Your Style

Empowering Toys

When you become a mother, you want to give your child the world. You also may want to give your child lots and lots of ‘things’ because, well, it can be hard not to. Sometimes the toys, books or blankets you receive or purchase become more clutter than parts of your little one’s playtime. However, when you find a company or a product that holds a powerful message, those products may become a little more special than the others.

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10 Baby Registry Must Haves

Nose Frida

1. Nose Frida
When my sister first told me about this suction device to get snot out of your baby’s nose, I was horrified; it sounded absolutely disgusting, so of course I had to give it a try. With the Nose Frida you actually create the suction by sucking on the opposite end of the device that goes into the baby’s nostril. Spoiler alert, there is a seal that traps the snot in the tube and it never makes it to your mouth. This is actually a surprisingly satisfying process and really helps when your little one is all stuffed up and can’t sleep.  Also, a great party trick when you have friends over.  

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