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Sleep vs. Sex: What Valentine's Day Really Looks Like for New Parents

Valentines Day Mom

"If we didn’t have kids it would be very different. A hotel room, room service and lots of sexy time!”  

Many couples tell themselves that nothing will change between them once a baby comes into the picture. They will still have date nights and intimate evenings together. They will still say, “I love you” before falling asleep every night and cuddle while catching up on The Good Doctor or The Handmaid’s Tale. They will still hold hands and make-out and make friends and family members wonder how the heck their “Honeymoon Stage” lasted so long.

 For a rare few, this is reality; for most, this is near impossible to maintain.

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The Date Night Narrative

Date Night Narrative

Like most lawyers, I bill clients for my time. In my case, I bill in six minute increments. After nearly ten years, accounting for my days in this fashion has become automatic. So when the elusive date night rolls around, this is how the events “bill out” in my mind:

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