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PostPOURtum Thoughts: Moms Share Their “Summer Mombod” Truths


A woman’s body sure does go through a lot during pregnancy and on into motherhood. Even though embracing that “mombod” should come easy because it grew, fed, and housed a small human, it isn’t always as easy as it may seem.

The following moms discuss some insecurities surrounding their summer bodies. They also discuss the positive outlook women can cultivate when it comes to the skin they’re in.

Celebrate that summer body for all it has done for you and your little ones. That celebration is well-deserved, Mama.

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How the Pandemic Has Made Moms More Grateful

Mask for Kids COVID

Many mothers look at 2020 and see negatives: work struggles, school struggles, financial struggles, schedule struggles, socialization struggles. The list for every family is different and could go on and on.

As unbelievable as it may seem, struggles can actually be twisted into something to be thankful for. It isn’t always easy to do when you’re a mentally, physically, and emotionally drained mother. However, below are three examples of how to find gratitude during this difficult pandemic.

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Finding ME Time During Quarantine

Finding Me Time

This is new territory for all of us.  We have never been through a global pandemic before so it is not like we can turn to Grandma and ask “How did you cope?”.  We are all learning as we go.  We are figuring it out, and creating our new (temporary) normal in our homes.  First of all, I want to say that I am grateful that my family is safe and under one roof.  We are thankful for all the essential workers that are still providing for us in the economy. 

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Staying Active, Stylish and Supported: Postpartum Exercise for New Moms


Cadenshae is an activewear brand truly changing the world for postpartum and pregnant women who like to stay physically fit. The business is “on a mission to ensure new moms have the correct information when getting back into exercise post-birth.” It is a brand making it easier for nursing mothers to work-out and women healing from the delivery process to safely and comfortably transition back to exercise.

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Goodies Some Expecting Moms Indulge In

Guilt Free Snack

Though pregnancy should be a beautiful time, additional stressors and anxieties can often make it a tad bit tougher than hoped. Food and drinks are often a staple at events, gatherings, and work-based functions. Heck, food and drinks are usually what get us up in the morning. When a person has to change a lot of their diet due to pregnancy, this change can transform their lifestyle. Finding positive, healthy snacks that allow expecting mamas to feel less guilty and more confident is often the ticket to a happier, less stressful pregnancy.

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Top Ten Playlist While Waiting For Baby

Top Ten Playlist

My sister's due date had passed and we were all eagerly waiting to meet her new baby boy. I wanted to help ease her last days of physical discomfort and built-up anticipation. Each day I texted my sister a relevant music video to help spread cheer. If you have a family member or friend in a similar situation, feel free to use the below playlist.

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Self-Love and Self-Empowerment: Make a Realistic Resolution for Yourself

Mom New Years Eve

Finding time for yourself, away from motherhood, is not an easy task. It also shouldn’t be seen as a task, but more times than not – it is. As a mom of one-year-old twins, I have struggled over the months to find time for myself. Their needs come first, as they should, but sometimes that leaves a new mom to get smacked in the face by “Baby Blues” or to force aside her own interests and hobbies. While I was able to still intertwine some of my hobbies into my schedule early on, I also had to push aside some of them. This brought forward a deep depression and made me feel less like the confident, secure person I had sculpted myself into over the years.

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A DIY Face Mask That Will Exfoliate and Caffeinate

Face Mask Made of Coffee

I’ll admit - I was blessed with pretty good skin growing up. However, when I got pregnant with my girls, it didn’t take long before I noticed little bumps breaking out along my hairline. From there, they’d appear randomly on my chin or cheeks or nose. Being a self-titled “Picker,” I couldn’t stop attacking them whenever I found them.

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