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Relaxing and Creative Fall Family Activities

Fall Family Fun

While most moms want to be creative superheroes with all of the energy in the world, it’s only reality that energy and motivation is bound to drop. When it does, relaxation is key – for both you and your children. Below are some great examples of both creative and relaxing fall family activities you can take part in.

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Staying Sane During Quarantine – Part III: Educational Activities

Educational Activities for Children

Whether you’re figuring out homeschool curriculum or trying to entertain your little one in creative ways, one thing is for sure – it isn’t easy. It’s hard work playing the role of mother, teacher, and friend. What can be even harder is stepping into the role of teacher if you don’t fully understand what you’re doing or know what new ideas to plan for next.

Luckily, there are some clever mamas out there who have thought up some ideas for you. Instead of searching Pinterest, emailing your little one’s teacher, or turning on Frozen 2 for the seventh time that week, try some of the educational activities below. These are little projects you can easily make from items you have at home and will keep your kid’s brain moving so you can sip your coffee sanely.

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Play Dough Ice Cream Parlor

Creative Play for Kids

So, for a while now I have wanted to set up some sort of a café or restaurant for my kids to play with. The older two were getting bored with the play kitchen and plastic food, but they love imaginative play. When my oldest daughter broke her arm and finally got her cast off the doctor said a good way to regain strength in that arm was to play with play dough, so it all started to come together. What would be simple to make out of play dough that all the kids would enjoy? Ice cream! You can never go wrong with ice cream.

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From Bows to Books: Baby Products with a Purpose That Suit Your Style

Empowering Toys

When you become a mother, you want to give your child the world. You also may want to give your child lots and lots of ‘things’ because, well, it can be hard not to. Sometimes the toys, books or blankets you receive or purchase become more clutter than parts of your little one’s playtime. However, when you find a company or a product that holds a powerful message, those products may become a little more special than the others.

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DIY Cozy Reading Nook for Kids

Reading Nook

After being home for a week with 3 sick kids, I was feeling stir crazy and at a loss for ideas of what to do to keep them entertained. For a few days everyone seemed to have a fever and they weren’t up for doing anything at all. Reading books together became the one consistent activity that allowed them to rest and be entertained. My daughters love creating forts and other cozy spots to play in, so I decided to create a special reading nook where we could all get snuggly together.

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Color Sorting Kids Activities

Color Sorting

I’ve had the pleasure of observing what goes on in my daughter’s preschool classroom over the past few years. When we come in for drop-off in the morning there are always different stations set up around the room with activities to engage the children. One of the activities I saw repeatedly was color sorting, so I decided to practice the skill at home with my younger daughter who’s two and desperately wants to join her sister at preschool.

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