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    Jennifer Aline Graham
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“These Moms Drank Coffee Because…”

Mom and Coffee

Photo credit: Megan Burdick

Every single day is a brand new adventure. One day may allow Mom to drink fresh brewed hot coffee while other days are filled with mug and microwave meetings. The following mothers confess the chaos that caused them to desperately need coffee.

Sneaky Skee-Baller

Child Adventures

Photo credit: Cherie Bealer

"I drank coffee today because I turned my back for a split second and this “Toddler Tornado” decided he needed to be INSIDE the Skee-Ball machine at his sister's school trip. I wish I took a picture of him being pulled by his legs from the plastic by the worker before I claimed him as mine." – Cherie Bealer, mother of two

Photography Major Mom

Baby Pictures

Photo credit: Jessamine Lee

“I drank coffee today because I can’t seem to nap when she naps like everyone says because I’m too busy taking pictures.” – Jessamine Lee, mother of one

Days Off? No Way!

Coffee and Kids

Photo credit: Stacy Michaels

“I drank coffee today because there are no days off when you’re a mom!” – Stacy Michaels, mother of two

Pooped Pajamas

Pooping Pajamas

Photo credit: Megan Burdick

“I drank coffee today because my toddler started the day by pooping her pajama pants and then insisted that I drink coffee so she could help me make it.” – Megan Burdick, mother of two

Drowning in Decaf

Very pregnant

Photo credit: Chelsea Renee

“I drank (decaf) coffee today because I’m about to go into labor while juggling a teething 11-month-old and an over-active three-year-old.” – Chelsea Renee, mother of two (almost three)

Cheers to Being Hangry


Photo credit: Jennifer Aline Graham

"I drank coffee today because I thought bringing two, hangry threenagers to a restaurant would be a fun, relaxing idea."



 Jennifer Aline is a coffee addict, mama of twins, and a passionate freelance writer and author. She writes for Moms.com on a regular basis and has had articles in publications such as the NY Daily News, NY Post, and In Good Health Newspaper. Aline received her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Studies from Keuka College and worked in the Human Services field before her two little girls entered her life. Aline now focuses primarily on writing, teaching aerial arts classes in the evenings, and caring for her twin daughters – all while continuously chugging coffee, of course.

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  • Jennifer Aline Graham
    Jennifer Aline Graham
  • CoffeeFor MomMommee Tales

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