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What's Your Coffee Ritual?

Coffee Ritual

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Making Time for Your Daily Coffee Ritual
Remember that cozy moment when the coffee steam hits your cheek and the smell of rich caramel makes you smile. These are the thoughts that come to mind when we see those cute Instagram snapshots of morning coffee cups wrapped in blankets and surrounded by favorite novels. We want to bask in those moments again, but the rush of the morning commute and the cold, forgotten coffee leave us unenthused. In the ever-increasing busyness of life, it’s nice to set aside a special time in the day to sip slowly and watch the sun rise. We know we all could use a break, so we dreamed up some special occasions in the day to slow down and enjoy each sip. This is your ‘me’ time, your moment of ritual.

A Morning Ritual
“Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee!” We’ve all heard. Most of us have probably said it. Those first few hours of the day can be tough, and sometimes the energizing presence of a little caffeine is the only thing between us and some kind of meltdown. Coffee is always there for us, but are we always there for the coffee? Come back to center with a cup of coffee. It’s one thing to stumble into the kitchen and hit the “on” switch on the coffee machine you loaded the night before, but have you ever considered turning your morning routine in a morning ritual? Open the bag. Inhale deeply the smell of the beans. If you’re feeling really adventurous, pick up a bag of whole beans and grind your own. Maybe even try a French press! When the brewing’s done, sit down and take your time, even if you have to try and balance the budget while you’re at it. Make coffee time your slow-down time - it might be the only one you get all day.

Weekly Coffee with Friends
“Let’s get coffee sometime.” It’s something we say when we want to keep in touch, or make new friends, or reconnect with an old ones, but there is something about a regular coffee date with people you love. We all love our local coffee shop, but have you ever thought about starting a coffee club? Every week, the group gathers at a different friend’s house, rotating through the group as you go. Like a book club, but for coffee and chat. Meeting at a pal’s house rather than a shop is a nice change of scenery and keeps costs down for everyone.

An Afternoon Stroll
“I’ve just gotta get this last thing done, then I’ll go for my walk.” Sometimes it can be a struggle just to get those few minutes to yourself in a busy workday. Sometimes you’ve just gotta pour the steaming water into your french press, set the timer, and walk out the door with your cup when it’s done. A moment of balance - what a glorious break! Even if you’ve only got time to go around the block once or twice, the rhythm of your stride and pick-me-up boost of coffee are the only things you’ve ever needed. 

What’s Your Coffee Ritual?

Do you start your day with the simple beauty of the French press? Do you like to put on your oversized sweater and listen to your favorite vinyl with a cup of decaf? Let us know in the comments how you slow down and enjoy your cup of coffee.

  • Lora Reuther
    Lora Reuther
  • Coffee

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