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    Stacey Burton
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Why I Drink Momme Coffee- Reason #1

Why do I drink Mommee Coffee? Several reasons, really, most importantly, I love the taste. I’m not kidding when I say I drink a lot of coffee, and I don’t say it for marketing reasons or hyperbole. I am just stating a fact. 

Coffee Pot

! drink a lot of coffee (more than I should, and yes, I am working on it), and I want it to taste good. Mommee Coffee does, so I drink it. But good is in the eye of the beholder. So let me get specific, what do I mean when I say it tastes good

Mommee Coffee taste’s like home. Like I am sitting at my mom’s or my grandma’s table on a Sunday morning before everyone else has woken up, and it’s just the three of us, my mom, my grandma, and me. Maybe I am home from college. Or perhaps I am older, with kids myself. Whenever the time frame, we are sitting at the table, inevitably laughing at something someone said, and one of us gets up to grab the pot of coffee and refill our cups. We may be picking at some baked thing one of us made, but we are not eating breakfast because none of us ever do unless it is some special occasion like Easter or Mother’s Day. Our hair will be a mess, and even my mom won’t have makeup on. It will just be the three of us, together, before kids get up and make demands.

Mommee Coffee tastes like that moment.

It’s not the coffee my mom served. Or my grandma. It’s so much better. But the taste of it takes me home.

That’s one of the reasons I drink Mommee Coffee.

  • Stacey Burton
    Stacey Burton
  • CoffeeMommee Tales

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